Ukrainian Visa Overstay Issue - Please Advise

Hi everyone,

I came to Ukraine back in September and have been staying in Odessa since then. I am planning on getting a visa soon however my concern is leaving the country back to the United States. I read online on different forums that if you try to leave Ukraine, they will stop you at the airport for multiple hours and make you miss your flight while you pay the fee and they ask you questions. Is there anyway to avoid this?

I read online as well that you can pay in advance and sort the issue out even before going to the airport but I am not sure how to do this ( I lost the website link).

Does anyone have any advise or experience in this? Has anyone overstayed their 90 days in Ukraine and was able to pay the fee in advance in order to have a smooth pass through immigration services when leaving Ukraine? I plan to leave from Odessa, if that matters.

I appreciate the help in advance.

It all sounds very strange, if you have not exceeded the period of stay in the country, no one can detain you. Such delays occur only in case of violation of migration laws and if you are arriving in Ukraine for the first time from another country that is considered suspicious here, for example from Syria. In any case there are lawyers who protect your rights at the airport for free, ***

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I came to Ukraine in May 2021 and left in early December from Kyiv.  So I overstayed my 90-day visa-free duration. 

At the airport when the immigration staff realized I overstayed, he took me out of the queue and made me wait outside of a room.  Several others were also waiting there.  After about 1/2 hour, I was called into the room and asked to pay.  No other useless questions as you have read online.  I paid and THAT WAS IT!  I guess it's very common that an American overstays because the staff there said to me, "see you soon" when he handed back my credit card.  Another clue is when I joined a virtual town hall meeting hosted by the U.S. embassy a few weeks earlier, the embassy staff brought up the subject.  She was VERY CASUAL and advised the attendees to keep the receipt after paying the fine just in case someone goofs and
doesn't clear us. 

I have heard too that you can pay in advance at a government office.  When I discussed it with my attorney, he advised me to simply pay it at the airport.  "Everyone did it this way", he said.

They don't purposely keep you waiting at the airport for hours.  It can be hours if they are busy, ie. you show up at the same time with a bunch of overstayers!  So I would advise you to give yourself two extra hours at the airport just in case.  I waited 1/2 hour while 2 other people were also waiting.

In theory, one has 15-days to pay the fine.  When I asked the lady there what difference it makes if I pay on the spot or a few days later.  She replied, "if you try to re-enter Ukraine before it's paid, it can be an issue".  Although by law as long as 15-day isn't up yet, they cannot stop me from re-entering, provided I meet all other requirements for entry, knowing in Ukraine rules are often the words of the guy in charge rather than what is on paper, I simply paid on the spot.  It's not like I would get a discount if I delay it.  By the way, if you don't pay up in 15-days, you will receive a lifetime ban from entering Ukraine! 

So I left for Moldova and got a new Ukrainian visa there the next day.  I was back in Ukraine that evening. 

Keep in mind that an American passport grants you to stay in Ukraine WITHOUT a visa for 90 days out of every 180 days.  I have heard online that some folks are allowed back in before waiting for a full 90-days outside, but do you want to play this visa "roulette"?  There is no guarantee here.  On the other hand, if you have overstayed, it's unlikely any immigration man would play nice and let you back in without waiting for a full 90-days.

I was back in Ukraine in 24-hours even though I overstayed because I got a REAL visa this time.     

Lastly, overstay is no big deal only for certain passports with American being one of them.  I've heard an Indian passport can get you banned for life simply after only one overstay!

As an expat visitor to Ukraine, whether for business or pleasure, it is important to understand the permitted period of stay. Typically, the number of allowed days in country will be stated on your visa (if indeed you need a visa), otherwise it is 90 days within a 180-day period – the so-called 90/180 rule) from the date of arrival (if visa-free entry applies). But what happens should a foreigner overstay his visit? Read on.

Official Warning or Fine

An expat who overstays his visit commits an administrative offense under Ukrainian law! He/she can be issued a warning of the violation or can be fined in the amount ranging from 510 UAH (approx. USD 20) to 850 UAH (approx. USD 33) by officials of the State Migration Service. In addition, the individual how played host to the expat, shared lodgings with him/her, or otherwise aided or facilitated the individual's illegal stay can also be fined: from 5 100 UAH (approx. USD 200) to 8 500 UAH (approx. USD 327). The fine must be paid within 15 days from the date of issue.
Such a decision may be appealed, however an appeal must be submitted to the authorities which first imposed the fine within 10 days of issue. If the appeal is rejected, the expat must pay the fine within 15 days upon the date of receiving the rejection. The fine can be paid via any bank unless such a fine was imposed by officials of the State Border Service of Ukraine, in which case the fine can be paid on site.

Entry Ban

In certain cases, a foreigner may be banned from entering Ukraine. Authorities can ban the foreigner from entering the country if, during his/her stay in Ukraine, such an individual did not comply with the decision of the authorities on the imposed penalties and/or did not pay the fine. The statutory ban period is three years. The ban can be appealed to the regional department of the State Border Service of Ukraine or to a relevant court. Once the fine has been paid, the ban will typically be cancelled.

What to do?

If you know that you have exceeded the permitted stay in Ukraine, the pragmatic solution would be to go to the office of the State Migration Service according to your place of residence, report your overstay, receive a copy of the decision on imposition of administrative penalty, and pay the fine (if imposed) within the required period. Such actions will facilitate the process of passing border control and ensure no additional fines from the State Border Service. It is also advisable to contract a lawyer who will be able to act on your behalf before the authorities should you happen to experience any issues.


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Please please tell me, how did you get an ukrainian visa in moldova? I would be so grateful for information!!! 🙏