Cost of living 2019 in Ukraine

Hello everyone,

As we usually do each year, we invite you to share your experiences and tell us more about the average prices of products and services in your town/city/area, so that we have updated information regarding cost of living and inflation in Ukraine.

Thanks to your contribution, future expats in Ukraine will be more informed and will be able to refine their budget and better prepare for their big move.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment or a house in Ukraine? How about buying an apartment or a house in Ukraine?

How much do you pay on average for public transportation (bus, subway, train, tram, taxi)?

How much do you pay for basic food items such as rice, bread, and pasta?

What is your monthly budget for groceries?

How much does it cost to see a doctor or health specialist in Ukraine?

How much do you pay for health insurance per month?

How much does childcare cost on average per month?

What is your child's schooling budget per month?

How much does it cost to fill up your car's fuel tank?

How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc., per month?

How much do you pay for your internet and phone subscription?

How much do you pay for your lunch pack on weekdays?

How much do you pay for an espresso coffee?

How much do you pay for a cinema ticket?

How much does a gym membership cost in Ukraine?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi There. I am Ukraininan. May for the forum members will be interesting to see cost of living for locals in Kyiv.
The information is figured in local currency (UAH). Current rate is 28 UAH per 1 USD.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment or a house in Ukraine? 1 bedroom (40 sq. metres) appartment not in city center cost 8000-10000 UAH (300-350 USD).
2 bedroom (60 sq. metres) cost 10000-12000 (400-450 USD).

How about buying an apartment or a house in Ukraine? The price highly depends from the city district and the quality of the house. Approximate price is 1000 USD per sq. meter. So for 1 bedroom appartment it will be approximetel 40 000-45 000 USD. For two bedroom appartment it could be 50 000-60 000 USD. For the houses of business class level the price will be higher. New building appartment may be cheaper but you should spend for renovation 30-50% of the price.

How much do you pay on average for public transportation (bus, subway, train, tram, taxi)? The price of public transport is fixed--8 UAH per one ticket. The same price if for such called Marshrutka (it's local small buses which are going on the routs of publice transport). The price for Taxi is 4-6 UAH per Kilometer. It takes above 100UAH (4 USD) to take from the outskirts district to the city center. UBER may cost cheaper than local taxi but because of different coefficients, sometimes it is much more expensive.

How much do you pay for basic food items such as rice, bread, and pasta? In local supermarkets there to many actions so it is possible to buy rice or pasta at a price 20 UAH per 1 package. For non action products the price could be 30-40 UAH per 1 package.
The price on bread highly depends from the qulity of the bread. The cheapest bread may cost 10 UAH per 1 item. The bread backed by local bakeries (most supermarkets have them) may cost 15-25 UAH per 1 item.

What is your monthly budget for groceries?  It is difficult to say but please note that main local grocery networks (EVA, Watsons, Cosmo, Prostor) periodicaly has actions for the main products so it is better to control the prices and choose the best one. It may be less in 30-40% than average price.

How much does it cost to see a doctor or health specialist in Ukraine? The government medicine is free but it could be difficult to find the doctor. There are a lot of pacients and you may wait you turn several hours. In private clinics of middle class one visit may cost 300-350 UAH (10-15 USD). In high level clinics (Boris, Dobrobut) the price could be twice as higher (20-30 USD) per 1 visit.

How much does it cost to fill up your car's fuel tank? 1 liter of fuel (Diesel or Benzin) may cost 1 USD (28-30 UAH). So it may cost 40-70 USD to fill up the fuel tank (depends on litrage).

How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc., per month? The price on utilities is highly depend from the season. In winter season you should pay additionaly for the central heating so it may cost twice as much as in summer.
Average spends for utilities in summer is 700 UAH per month for 1 bedroom appartment. In winter it could be up to 2000 UAH per month. Main payments: utility payment 300UAH per month, water: cold water is 15 UAH per 1 cubic meter, and hot water is 80 UAH per 1 cubic meter (but many appartments use electric heaters (boilers) to heat the water and it is cheaper), electricity is 1.5UAH per 1 kilowatt so it takes 200-300 UAH per month.
Heating is 1000-1200 per month in winter period. But in modern houses with good insulation and counters for each appartment it may take 500-600 per months.

Mobile phone may cost 100 UAH (4 USD) per month. The same price is for wired internet access.

Business lunch cost up to 100-150 UAH (4-6 USD) but depends on the level of restaurant.

Cup of coffee may cost 20-30 UAH at street caffee.

Cinema ticket price is 70-100 UAH but it highly depends from the level of cinema theater and time of visit. the lowest price could be 40 UAH (in the morning) up to 150 UAH.

Hope this information will be useful for you. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

Excellent information! Thanks for that... Just what I was looking for. :)

Thank you...


Excellent information! Thanks for that... Just what I was looking for. :)

Thank you...


Excellent information! Just what I was looking for... :)

Thank you,

Geoff... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Geoff, you are welcome.
The actual prices could be differ because of inflation and USD rate but I think that is enough for understatnding and to avoid overpay in some cases.

Hi there

i read with interest and concur that what was wrote above Tesorero Today 12:28:03 . Is quiet accurate. However, I do differ an opinion on accommodation. I am talking about the Odessa area only. To rent short term, to can expect to pay about 300 us a month. On a long term agreement, this could drop to as little as 200 us a month. If you wish to live in the centre of a city, Kiev, Lviv, Odeca. Then you will pay for it. We live in a new build, was a shell when we bought it and we have finished everything under 30,000 usd. This months bill is 1700 grivna. which also included's , security, area lighting, cleaning, government heating, cctv, and secure door entry.
We also have a house outside Odeca (Odessa) that is 3 bedrooms, and comes with a load of land, 5000 usd would correct any faults , yet this is only 10,000 to buy and government tax is only 10 usd a year. So you can see its what you with , and budgets.


martin in Odeca (Odessa)

Hi there
I am as my profile says am British living in Odessa. Cost of living in my area is cheaper than Kiev and Lviv. At the time of writing £1 = 35.10 uah and $1 = 27.60.
How much does it cost to rent apartment in the Odessa area, depends if near centre or the sea, city centre 6000 to 8000 uah. Near sea 8000 to 15,000 uah. But if you rent long term ie more than 2 months you can cut the cost in half. and if you can take yourself away from the night club area or the beach and are prepared to walk a little bit, the cost drops to 5000 uah a month with bills included.
Its like most things, if you want to impress and wish the best you need to pay, normal living apartment good condition with bills 5000 to 6000 uah about £180 or $230.
To buy apartments can be as little as $10,000 (£7500) with no upper limit. Houses are the same, In city start around $50,000 (£35,000) with no upper limit, but they dont have much land. If your looking for a house with land, to put your stamp on it as they say, you need too look out of town, then your quids in, as property with a good bit of land can be found for under $15,000.
New builds, and theres a lot in this area, costs as little as $25,000 (£21,000) and you will need to spend around 30% more on the Finnish.

Utility bills on average are 900uah a month (water and electric. ) 1100uah (water, electric and gas) 1500uah with heating (in winter)
Heating in my area is supplied by the local government and in my opinion is good value. Some people have there own and i am not sure on there costs. I also have security, communal lighting, and gardener and cleaner to pay for in my complex which is only 110uah, government, tax is 6.24uah per meter owned.
In a house in a village most of the above cost's dont apply, we have a house with a lot of land and only pay 200uah for the year. The above costs are monthly.
How much is transport in our area, well thats easy as most prices are fixed. Marshrutka in city 7 uah be it one stop or end to end. Trolley bus 3 uah, Tramvey 3uah. to travel outside city its 20uah for most journeys by marshrutka. Taxi's 7uah 1km. but you will always pay minimum 30uah. UBER is cheap and ready available so is UKLON.

How much do you pay for basic food, well its no real difference than Kiev etc. Nice bread 14uah, Milk 24uah, Pasta 25uah. Inthe summer fresh fruit and veg in our area is mega cheap kilo of apples under $1 (£1) we buy from street, you get to know the sellers and understand them, you get some good deals and fantastic quality.

How much to fill a car up. This area average is $40 (£28)

How much to eat out, that depends on what your looking for but a nice meal ,relaxing atmosphere, $10 to $15 (£8 to £12) hay but hit it big 3000uah can be normal. The sky is the limit. Beer local 20uah import 40uah=300ml. Dont be mean a tip is normal min 10% of the total cost.

I hope that gives a little incite to Odessa area. If you wish to ask questions feel free/


HELLO to  *ALL*  CITIZENS of the world,

I live in  NORTHERN  ODESSA,  in the NEW Modern area  between  "CITY CENTER" and 
"Rivera Shopping CENTER".  off General Bocharov ....    Everything BIG CiTIES enjoy
are found here,   I was Asked to post "MY" view of what Prices are in this area
so here's MY View, but in a nutshell, I am a USA- "Texas/Louisiana Cajun born bayou Native
Breed Indian French who discovered his "Ukrainian/Austrian/Italian/French roots" and
I LOVE LIVING HERE IN THE UKRAINE...   prices for me are inexpensive but  relevant
to the INCOME of the Ukraine Working Class some things are costly to them  however
one can ENJOY the SIMPLE LIFE of living close to the Black Sea while enjoying  all the
modern life of BIG CITIES of the world at a fraction of the costs... ...  all prices from MY LIST
fluctuate as to WHERE one shops and buys their desires..  SHOP SMART.  IE, on the street
cafe's   I have found  "COFFEE" small cups for as little as 10UAH to highs of 25UAH...
STAY OUT OF McDonald land... live free and cheap....   ~ENJOY~  PS: I am RETIRED USMC
Combat Marine / electronic Engineer  and Long Horn Cattle Breeder --  LIFE IS GOOD HERE

How much does it cost to rent an apartment or a house in Northern Odessa ?
               "CONTRACTS" 3 & 6 months
                                                   3bedroom -  5500 UAH  - 7500 UAH   FURNISHED
                                                   2bedroom -   4500 UAH - 6500 UAH   FURNISHED
Purchasing:  as low at  US $ (Dollars;)    $8000 ...  and HIGH of $250,000.00
HOUSES      $10,000.00   to Highs of  1/2 Million  - 1Million super luxury
How much do you pay on average for public transportation (bus, subway, train, tram, taxi)
                        bus is 7UAH     Taxi's  DEPENDING ON   distance & weather to location
RAINY & Heavy SNOW   always add  20-50 UAH  EXCEPT by bus (Tram steadily costs 2-3 UAH)
                                                   local area  around the City Center to Rivera -  70-100UAH
                                                   City Center to CENTER of  ODESSA -  180-200UAH   day/night

How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc., per month?
     My Wife Pays these bills at the bank  costs 1300 - 1500-UAH MONTH for ALL of 'em
     BOTTLE WATER:   10-12 LITER   @ Market  @ Restaurant 20-30 .25 Liter                               
      Phone service is less than 200-UAH per month - we use VIBER mostly
                                    between ourselves and  friends especially when I travel to USA.
High Speed Internet AND TV:  800-UAH

ALL EXPENSES  differ with Seasonal Weather  and  TOURIST SEASONS...   I have recently
discovered that  SOME (Not ALL)   land owners/Real Estate agencies  will  RAISE their prices
if  they know they are renting or selling to an American/Brit/Frenchman/ and especially a Swiss.
life in the world of the   get what you can when you can business world.....  the  word is "BARTER"
I pray YOU and YOUR FAMILIES  LIVE GOOD , SAFE and FREE  with respect of others,  I have
truly discovered that 90% of the working people  are Honest/ and trustworthy... be respectful
and treat everyone BETTER than you have been treated and I promise you ...
You will be HAPPIER Here............    Semper FI,  Drew Malone Raines III 

PS: This is ODESSA by the Sea,  PRICES WILL CHANGE.....   I was here when 8uah to 1US$ was
the going rate, the tram was 1uah, taxi around town was max'd at 40uah but mostly 20-30uah
my  FARMER MILK  was 10UAH for 2litres ,  now its  20uah ... and  WOW, a 2 bedroom furnished
flat on the first floor was 160uah per day rental  and 1500uah monthly... all bills paid w/wifi
  just to reflex,  Life is what you make it... ENJOY

:cool: I concur Martin... YOU hit the nail on the head with cost of Houses w/Land in the rural area.
and for all of US who are predominately moving in and relocating,  the best deals are the "FIXER-Upper"
Glad to know  SOMEONE else has eyes to see, ears to ear, and a nose for wind... semper fi
Drew Malone Raines III

I do live in Kiev and Odessa part time of the year.
Odessa is definitely cheaper than Kiev, mostly on apartment rental.
About food, I even found in October big fleshy tomatoes at 30 UAH so about 1 € per kg, pears at 24 UAH, apples at 12 UAH and cabbage at 6 UAH !
Croissants were at 18 UAH the piece, excellent saussage which was lean, well spiced at 68 UAH  per kg. Very good bread you can save a couple of days is cheaper than in a French bakery as at about 20 UAH.
I use Uber as taxi and from center city to airport or train station, it never costed me more than 250 UAH so about 8 €.
I tested the train... Even the most luxury told suite is cheap... Maximum 600 UAH from Kiev to Odessa but forget it... Even 40  years ago, trains were more comfortable and faster in Western Europe... But it is.... exotic... 🙂

Eating at restaurant can lead to extremes... a good pizza is cheap... from 110 to 150 UAH so 3.4 to 5 € but eating sushis in a Japanese restaurant  will kill your butt ... count easily 1000 to 1200 UAH so 33 to 40 € without wine...

I took an Ukrainian phone number... Vodaphone works fine. Others already gave pricing... Gasoline is as cheap as others said already and theremost there is almost no radar on roads sothat is a good point as speed limits are also higher than in France for instance... But to park a car seems to be a nightmare though...

Hi Drew, thanks for your input. I'll be coming over to Ukraine for 3 months vacation (July - October) with the hope of meeting my soulmate.
I'm a 58 yr old guy, from South Africa who is thinking about selling up home and moving to Odessa or Kiev. I've been to Odessa 3 times over the past 5 yrs and loved it. My monthly return on investments here in SA total about 70,000 - 100,000 Grivna. My question is....In order to live a very comfortable life for me and my wife what is the max I would need to live on monthly without been extravagant?

Hi Kevin. 70 000 UAH will be quite enough for comfortable living for you and your wife in any city of Ukraine.

Look at the cost comparison on Numbeo. It is about 12 to 18 months behind, however.

PARK A CAR..."a Nighmare" hahahahahahahah -like  Friday the 13th &  Nightmare on Elm St.  all in one
so  come into my world having a Dodge Ram Longhorn with 6.Ft bed...   park  at the tram dead ends and enjoy old fashion tram speeds into the Cities with no hassles of parking.   semper fi
still miss going into Crimea 6yrs now ...   but life goes on...

WOw, finally someone in MY Age group who can SEE the great benefits of living in Ukraine... I for
one am glad to have you come to our old fashioned world of   freedom, cheap living and  wonderful
local  people to enjoy life with ...  Sad Note: I have had to return to USA till August 25 - Sept 5th before I return...  you will find Living in Odessa Oblast has highs and lows..  I live in Suvorovsky district sub-division (Kortosky) along the main road of  Bocharova  area,    Buying a 3bd (Ukraine style) can run a whole magnitude of pricing, BUT a nice place with little/no repairs  you can buy (Cash)  US $30,000  -$35,000  or in UAH  809,000uah  - 950,000uah  (((Upscale supper nice - triple the price)))   RENTALS  should be LONG TERM  6months min,  and for a decent 3Bedroom(Ukrainians call it a 3room)  runs from $250-350 US... *BUT* can run high to upwards of $600 us per month for super nice upscale  to
over $800 for Luxurious out of my world living, more like Oligarchy style) .  NOTE:  for an extra
$40US  you can have All Utililities paid, Cable Tv, and Inter net ...  apartments are almost always
furnished with min of utinsils, tv beds...  all you need is your clothes, sheets, pillows, soap, and
           In reality, a Family man    wife with one child can  live like --- WELL OFF --- for 1,800 EUR per
month  and thats going out 2-3 times a week and never doing without excess habits...   THEREFORE
55,000 UAH - 70,000 UAH  you can live twice as good as you would is S.A.  while using  local
transportation like taxi, trams, trolleys, and buses...
           As we say in Texas, USA,   "Ya'll Come, stay awhile, enjoy -  You'll wish you'd come sooner and
stay... "   Semper Fi,   
            ps:  Don't know about  leaving contact info,  but   I am easily found due to my Radio Talk Show
hosting career.  Search Drew Malone Raines III   skype   i'll be fishin' around somewhere...

Right on Martin,   You got it all right,    when I return end of August/early Sept  Hope we can
do a meet and greet   over  a Latte or brew........   YOUR input is SPOT ON.... and FYI  a  tank
of gas in the Texas/Okla/Ark/La. (USA)  runs about $40 US  for 15 gallons of cheap gasoline
for cars that get less mpg average for the same style car ie Mazda/Toyota/Honda Mercedes.
semper fi  Drew ................   and  I DO miss the food prices ... so cheap in Ukraine,


I am in Missouri and I am considering Bulgaria or Ukraine as my retirement haven. Some questions to you. 1. How are you managing pension payments? I will have social security and a state pension. 2. What have you done for health insurance coverage? What is the cost and form whom did you get the policy? Is there a monthly premium?  3. You talked about driving a pick-up truck.  Did you buy a car in Ukraine?  Do you have an international drivers license?

Thanks for the information.

Hi Drew, thanks for info. It looks as though I can retire comfortably in the Ukraine which I appreciate. I'm think it's probably essential to speak Russian? I'm busy learning on the Babbel app. Do you speak Russian and what do you suggest is the best way to learn the Russian language as quick as possible?
South Africans have to apply for a 3 month visa, is there any other way of obtaining a longer visa?
I hear that if you can get a company/business  to employ you  as a consultant which allows extensions on visas? Or how do you buy yourself in for a temporary or permanent visa?
I also hear that the banks offer huge interest rates but are not safe or to get your money out is a headache?
I travel a lot to China for my business buying furniture, Aircons etc.  Been doing this for more than 20yrs. My question is I wouldn't enjoy getting  bored in Ukraine, my daughter is more than capable of running my businesses in SA. Are there any decent business opportunities in Ukraine or is it difficult to enter the business markets  there?

Hi DrDuane,
                           Greeting from L.R.   ,    flooding in progress, but living on mountain. 
lots of questions,  all EZ ....   hope I answer all questions.   NOT IN ORDER.. 
first...  International Drivers license by  "AAA" is a hoax... you only need Your state
drivers license to qualify for  90% of driving IF you choose...  buying a car is not
as hard as people are advised,  and Auto Insurance IS available for all travels
and expats... Bulgaria, I've not traveled but assume similar access there...   
the Biggest obstacle is  PICTURE ID's to prove who  you need 2 and sometimes 3
...    passport/Drivers license  school Id's  Government ID's , Travel Id's
   it has taken me  14 months to obtain a 10yr Ukraine Residential Visa (Pic included)
that is   powerful when I wish to rent a car or travel within Ukraine...   when I need
a quick car downtown Odessa,  I rent an electric,  pre-qualified and payment through
my UKRAINE CELL PHONE ( "MTC and/or Vidaphone)  its ez for , but  also taxi  to
and from a to b is inexpensive, 3-7 dollars will get you around bus is 7uah, trams are 3uah
trolleys are 3uah.. 1 stop or to the end of the line 12miles away .. (no transfer, just pay & Go)
Train 1st class  Odessa to any major city is available and inexpensive  Odessa to Kyiv 700uah
and BIG BUSES to closer large cities are cheap and timely.     

Smartphones are inexpensive  and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,    buy there, less than $10
month and all your friends on VIBER the calls/text are free .   even when I am in USA
i have several friends who Text me and video calls   ... I set my phone to no roaming and
still obtain calls through Internet SKYPE & VIBER...

  Health Insurance is also obtainable, Inexpensive and EZ to  obtain.  As Retired
USMC, I plan trips to US Military base hospitals available to me. however on 2
occasions requiring emergency,  transport and 2 days in Private Hospital
4 to a room,  cost me $120 US  Converted to UAH.
            I maintain US Bank Accounts for Auto direct deposit having  "MASTER Card"
debit and credit cards with no penalties for conversion/usage in EU/Ukraine.
Not available in RUSSIA   ditto's on "VISA"  of Couse you can obtain  Ukraine
Bank  account, ...  there are two or 3 good ones, and the Ukraine State Owned
bank.  No knowledge of Bulgaria banks system ..  I transported my vehicle via
freight shipment but buying a car in Europe  and then registering in Ukraine may
be your cup of tea...  I tell ya, buyer be aware,   travel, rent a long term for 3 months
and make an learned investigative trip ....  70% of people speak English, and young
just out of school translators are inexpensive, just shop around,  I have hired several
for  use,  from $100 for 5 -8 hr days contract, to $10 per hour for business . its your
choice.  Learn the Ukraine language, several FREE site on the net available... at least
TRY the basics...  you'll be happier ...   contrary to belief,  all these    Translator devices
have major faults,   yes, use but do not put anything  in absolute truth in them ...

hope all this helps ya.............  semper fi

check this language service:
also, its best to work on your Ukrainian as well especially if
you're up on the POLISH side of Ukraine...
visa, YES I thought I had mentioned the 10yr Residential visa that
allows owning a business and buying property.  BUT  YES, if you
find a Ukraine Business that hires you as an employee especially
one who is ENGLISH as a first language ,  there are special visas.

the residential  visa   can be obtained through Lawyers but since I
used only friends my cost was less than $200 US    and time consuming.
but I learned that one can obtain an honest Law Firm ... which  speeds
this process up.. costing about $1000.
    keep your business in SA, and become its AGENT in Ukraine, whether you
work it or not,  it will help you,  AND the sky is the limit on business opportunities
stay away from resturants and fast foods,   everything else is wide open for any
of us who which to "startup a business".. Just learn the laws and  seek professional
assistance...  "Ukraine Law translated" is online, and freely accessed...   
          note:  EVERYTHING is in "CONTRACTS"  WRITTEN...  so when you make a deal
get it in writing and make copies  ...  Written Contracts are the BOND.

           as for banking,  I do all my banking in the USA,  and I have a bank account
BUT I do not take money OUT of Ukraine,  ...   i have met several women who travel
to JFK and return to ODS,  they use their Ukraine Bank cards (Debit cards) just like
we do with Master Card. I do not know the fees,   converting  money is  everywhere,
but note:  ANY  gold/silver you bring into Ukraine  YOU MUST HAVE the verification
papers and serial numbers  if you wish to convert at an honest price. Ditto's on
diamonds/rubies/ perils  ...  note: TAXES on new cars is HIGH,  Loan interest rates
are extremely high and hard to obtain..     INVESTIGATE,    Difficulty is on how YOU
make it...  ... ALWAYS  be nice.... even to the sour frowning ladles at gov't offices...

Also get  "VIBER" on your  Smartphone,  its free, its compatable afterwards for your computer
and You can voice text video chat FREE to other VIBER MEMEBERS
that you know having their phone number and if not, ask them in an email to get VIBER
380.957.998.464  my world #  and SKYPE is also a MUST to keep in touch with your
daughter  FREE VIDEO/chat via computer ...  enjoy

Hi Drew, appreciate all your help. It would be great to meet up with you for a pint sometime. I'm going to start off in Kiev, then going to Lviv for a week or two, then make my way down to Odessa, stopping off in Vinnytsia and Poltava. I'll be there for 3 months, so it's probably better to make the best of it.

:) You have fun now......... :)    I did the same  travel path in 2012 & '13 except
back then I was able to travel to Simferopol' Malta and Sevastopol,
returning to Sevastopol and Odessa/Kotovsky in 2014 (live in Kotovsky now)
invest in a Ukraine phone # only $3 per month usage & free Viber,
NOTE:  airbnb  has the best deals on lodging  includes  Everything
you need just shop the cities...  if you do, and never have before,
cite my referral "DrewMalone"(little Rock ark. USA)  and recommend 2 your
friends to use them as you will get financial credits to use.... remember
the 6 P's of good leadership in business  (Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance)
semper Fi  Drew  :cheers:


Hi there

as a list to you questions

Buses rank from 5 to 55 UAH

Taxi start 35UAH per Mile

Bread 30 UAH Rice 40 UAH

Monthly budget up by 30 %

Health insurance  free for 60+ or 2000 UAH a month to cover all

Schooling free

water 2.45 UAH a square mtr electric 1.68 per Kilawatt gas not sure

Internet 220 UAH for 1g up 1g down unlimited. free youtube on phones.

Phone average 150 UAH

Coffee 28 UAH

Gym 600 UAH per month

most food items have gone up, but Utilities are controlled by government and they really listen and act on the opinion of the public