Cost of housing in the countryside

Hi, can anybody tell me how much it would cost to buy a small house or flat in the countryside (village or small town), and what I would have to look out for? Thanks for any advice.

Well, the thing is  - it is difficult to guide you, not knowing where exactly you would like to live. A small house or flat in the countryside can mean many things as well...In general I would say that if you are looking for a house or appartment in a town or willage not less that 1hour away (by car) from any major city...well in that case a deal can be had for not so much money... In that case for a small house with some land and in a fair condition you mightlooking at $25000 - 40000. Beware it might also mean that such a house is in a "serious" village and in a need of some repair - say indor plumbing might need to be installed.

Please also note that any more modern house, in a place closer to city will cost you at least $100000 and will supposedly be called not a farm house, but a private villa in a city proper - in reality it will neither be a villa (just a house with some indoor plumbing) nor a place sharing in the city infrastructure (even if is not to far from the city proper, any private house settlement will have more of a countryside feel and development level).

All in all I would advise anyone against such idea as settling in a village in Ukraine because Ukrainian villages are by far some of the most underdeveloped in Europe and while the prices are not that low. Bulgaria might be a much better choice...I am looking into it myself, even thou I am a Ukrainian citizen and purchasing a house there (in Bulgaria) I will be aloud to stay only half a year...That just gives you the idea.

PS. The only good thing to say about Ukrainian small town life might be the picturesque towns and villages of the Carpathian Mountains and Western Ukraine in general. There at least the surroundings are beautiful and there is more order to things. However, still I would say look elsewhere instead. I am not sure Ukrainian real estate prices are too adequate even for a village

No secret Ukraine is not the US of the UK. So there is no need to complain all the time how difficult is to live here. You are abroad, good for you. There is nothing bad you chose another country. Enjoy your life there. I personally know a number of americans in Ukraine who consider the US as a dying country and Ukraine as their sweet home.

Among Ukrainian expats you can find a man who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a most traveling man (US citizen). Jean-Claude Van Damme lives in Ukraine too.

As to the subject of this thread - The prices vary. But those numbers he provided sound weird for me. Though a thing has always its buyer.

...also about real estate prices...anyone interested can look at and compare.

It has also been suggested on this forum that the prices and incomes listed there regarding Ukraine are some how altered to make the country look bad...I will not comment on that. Just go and see for yourself. From my experience it is a very accurate and valuble internet source...

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Again, moderation here is just something else, so from now  on I will not waste my time on this site and will tell my storry to others so they do the same. I have written many messages and explanations, so will not do so again. You guys call yourselves  "a resourse for expats", yet you just deleted one of my posts where I mention NUMBEO.COM as a good source for price and standard of living information. Moreover, you left the post from GreyKyiv about my estimates being "WEIRD" - all in a post, saying nothing about any on topic issues (countryside prices).

In addition the country is in the news all the time and is on the border of great civil strife and your associates still don't see any problem there and allow definate missinformation to be posted here left and right. I have written many messages to Julian and so on - therefore will not repeat myself, but I am now starting the campaign to clear my name and present the correct information about my country (which is unfortunately very unflattering at the moment) and this resourse (which is just plain wrong to ignore the very one very important fact - that Ukraine is a very devided, overpriced place the expats should know about).

One last thing - it is not only removing my message on NUMBEO.COM that I am worried about. The problem is that you seem to ignore one other important point -while personal attacks are bad, in a truly free and democratic community people have a right to information and expression of opinion.  I for example express mine without any attacks and rude comments. The fact that many people on this forum have a problem with that precisely underscores my point - that Ukraine is a very devided society which might not be an ideal spot for foreigners to go.

If this message is removed I swear to god I will publish all my messages with explanations on other internet resources,

Thanks and have a good day,

Oleg Yatskar

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I recommended website. For no speakers of Russian/Ukrainian - install google bar for translation.
Other realtors websites may work too - but prices are slightly higher of real prices.

That web site provides current price info.

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NUMBEO.COM is limited to only six cities (>500K population) and not countryside.
Town with large population is not country side.

Therefore that recommendation is off topic of original poster and must be moved somewhere else.

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It must be fun to live in Ukrainian country side. If one is a good person. He can get a great deal in price if villagers want him to join his community.