Monthly appartment rentals

So I plan on visiting either Odessa or Kiev this summer. I will not be taking a week or two week trip. My stay will likely last me 3 to 4 months. I dont plan on living fancy or anything. I am very comfortable with just a stove, fridge a way to wash clothes. Do any of you have some cheap, but respectable suggestions? Preferably something NOT tailored toward tourists.

a fold away tent a bury in the ground fridge a saw to chop wood and lighter pitch the tent by the river or sea

Try I have used them several times and they usually have what I want, where I want.
Don't forget unless you have a residency visa you can only stay for 90 days legally in Ukraine.

Hi, Bradley,
Please e-mail me at We are Americans ,but now we are living in Odessa and rent for summer. I speak both languages. We live in a good area are but nothing "fancy shmancy"., exactly what you are looking for. I have worked for Houston college for 3 years.

Hello Marina,

Can you please post an ad in the Housing in Ukraine for your offer?

Thank you,

Shaazia Team

I sent you my personal e-mail regarding a summer rental. Now it is on a Housing" website. Anyway, if you really want it for the whole summer, it will be much cheaper.
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Because of the war hryvnia costs less and rent costs less than before.