Property managers in the south of Ukraine

Does any body know of property managers that speak English who can help find a flat in the south part of the Ukraine, and up fron costs?



Get a hold of Igor.

You can get a hold of through his website: .

He is not a "property manager."  But, he can help with anything you need from language classes to apartments to transportation.


Thanks for info

I can help with real estate in Nikolaev.
Also i'm a lawyer, working in building-business so if you have some questions, you're welcome.

proseqtor > use the PM system. Advertisement in not allowed on the forum


Hi I would be looking to rent for one year. What is the rent per month, and deposit?


Hi and welcome to M1A1, :)

I would suggest you to have a look at the accommodation section of our Ukraine classifieds and eventually post an advert for a specific search.