Searching for a roommate around Levoberezhna.

I am interested in sharing a room or flat with someone very close to Levoberezhna metro, or the International Exhibition Centre. Of course this would be shared rents. I just need a decent place where I can rest.I'm a responsible 27 years old girl who is considerate, organised, honest and friendly. Please if there are any suggestions, feel free to contact me through this blog. Thank you.

Hi LetzSplitRents!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Ukraine housing section.
It might help!


Thanks, but I already did that.

I would be willing to share an apartment in Livobereshna. That's the first place I lived when I first came to Ukraine. I know that you might be skeptical because I'm a man, but I assure you my motive is strictly platonic. I have a gf.

Woah hey there, please take it easy. I know there are lots of weird, good and bad people alike everywhere, so please don't start judging yourself. If you have any suggestions, please just bring them forward and we'll see what happens. I also have a bf and I don't care if I get to share an apartment with a female or male. All I need is a reliable, responsible and non-drup addict to share an apartment with. The lesser the bad personal characteristics, the better for us all:))) name is Daniel (Daniel Blum).
What's yours? (so I know what to call you)

Okay, just wanted you to know that I have no ulterior motives. I'm an English teacher and business trainer. I have a lot of good professional friends. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists and so forth who can vouch for my character.

I've been here on and off for 10 years. I've returned from the USA 3 times during that period. I'm divorced, and have 2 grown children.

I was a project manager for construction in the USA and am well educated.

I smoke (but only on a balcony or in a corridor), I occassionally drink with my friends on weekends or holidays. I don't use drugs of any kind.

Despite what rental agents tell you, rent IS NOT increasing in Kyiv. Silly they say that after a major global economic downturn. The opposite is true because many people have and are leaving the capital and returning to villages and smaller towns.

I expect that rent for what is called a 2 room here on Livoberezhna should be in the range of 3200-5000 UAH for a clean, decent, but not fancy place.

So please tell me about yourself and let me know what you think.

Best regards,

Well, you seem to be a nice person, Daniel.
um about me, I'm from Cameroon and I'll be working in a company here in Ukraine. I don't smoke or drink. I'm just a regular gal. I would have loved to provide you with other personal information but, I'm sorry I cant do that in an online forum. I would leave a message in your inbox.
I dont yet have a room in a flat or apartment in this desired place and you're right about that price range. I'm vouching for something decent like you mentioned, between 3200UAN downwards! (lol). Did you find anything yet?