Buying property in Ukraine


can a foreigner buy property in Ukraine?

If so, is it complicated? What is the process of purchasing a property in Ukraine?

Any tips for buying property, such as a check-list of items to verify ?

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It depends what property you want to buy. For example a foreigner cannot buy agricultural land plots in Ukraine but a lawyer will help you to omit this ban.

So what are you going to buy?

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Yes its possible for an Expat to by properties in Ukraine. But you should find your self a good western lawyer to help you out.

Yes, check, (moderated: no free ads please), on the left hand side of the home page, link, How to Buy.

ukrjon wrote:

Yes its possible for an Expat to by properties in Ukraine. But you should find your self a good western lawyer to help you out.

It is interesting how can a western lawyer help you buy property in Ukraine. Though a lawyer is a must in deed for real estate.
If you buy an apartment you should be sure that no one is registered in it. A lawyer will also analyse how this apartment was transfered to its current owner, wether all documents are in force, and of course will draft a decent contract.
Also try not to use the seller's notary, instead find one by yourself.

i was just in the ukraine i went to the embassy when i thought i lost my passport. Anyhow i remember reading the info on the boards it seems the brittish consular service can assist in notary services for a fee.

I purchased my house and land in 2005, agreed a price with the owner got a tax number from the the tax office, went to the local notar office with the owner did all the documents in the office paid the $5000 in cash and then went throught the privatisation process. Apart from waiting outside offices forever, and goint to about 5 different buildings in different parts of town it was easy, but lengthy.



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Hi everybody,
Im from egypt, i want to buy house in Ukraine,i want not expansive one could u advice me wich city i CAN find one not ver y expensive for investissement . M'y budget is 50000dollars and anyone have idéal for a good and serious lawyer in réal estate, tanks lot.

Lviv sounds good

Thank you

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You are a bit off topic. Can you please start a new thread on the Ukraine forum? You can also take a look into the Ukraine Business directory - Real Estate section. It can help.

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I sell a plot of land in Ukraine (It is situated about 2 miles (3 kilometers) away from the city Kharkov). The total area is equal to 4 306 yards (36 ares). This land is situated in a picturesque place near the pond. It's a perfect place for building a cottage or a house. It is rich black soil.

The distance to the nearest highway is 10 minutes walk. The  distance to the village Bobrovka is 10 minutes walk.

The price of this plot of land is $ 36 000. You are welcome to bargain!!!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call +38 050 86 11 578 or to write:

You can see photos of land on my site:

It does not seem a bad price for that amount of land. It depends how nice a City Karkov is.
Also what you can build on it and how much permisions cost.

Is it possible or have you thought of splitting the land up into individual plots and selling them off individualy.

I think Ukraine has everything required to become a great retirement or holiday home place for people from other countries.

It just needs better marketing. Its a wonderfull country.

je suis une marocaine,mariee a un egyptien vivant actuellement en egypte, je voudrai louer ou acheter un magasin a malmo

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use a local notary its half the price if not more than using the embassy

Hi there. the price i feel is very high. my wife has just bought 42 acres for 1000 grivna , yes i did say 1000 grivna. if you are in country check the local agents out, as around my area you can buy a house  and 10 acres for less than 20k

hope this helps

No.  I just had not taken the time to get back on this topic.  But now am asking more questions.

Hi Martin.
Just read your post today.  Since the value of the money has significantly changed what would you estimate the value of agricultural land with just a basically shack would be in today's rates?  Say in the Poltava area?  Thank you.