Appartment or hotel in Ukraine

Hi Alla,
Im Paul from the Philippines.
Im planning to visit Ukraine in 2011.
Can you recomend me any partment or hotel which is safe with website so i can check for myself.

what city are you interested in?
does it matter the region of Ukraine?
i'm from Lviv. if you are going to stay in lviv, i can recommend some places.

Hello you can chek the flats at  or

Which place in Ukraine do you prefer?

Dear Rena
I need to rent an apartment in Kiev close to independace square  for two nights only.
Any recommendation? and how much will cost?

Dear Yulya
how far it's Lviv from Kiev and how to reach there if I get into Ukraine via Brispol airport


hi, if you need independance square you can stay in Dnipro hotel. Not sure about price. you can check the website … le-economy
the price of economy class is 63 euro. of course the best way to stay in kiev is to rent a room or a flat but its better to do this if you know people. because ukrainian host owners, i mean private, like to get more money from the international who doesnt speak ukrainian )))))) if you need some information keep me posted

Hi, i m indian working in kuwait. I and my friend are planning a visit to kiev in november. can someone recommend a good reasonably priced 2 bedroom apartment in the city. this is my first visit and i am kinda skeptical. heard much about racism and treatment from police towards indians and dark skin people. I have second thoughts of dropping plans. any guidance will be highly appreciated. My main purpose of visit is to experience the night life of kiev.

Hello.  I'm a American filmmaker I Kiev, looking for an apartmen or room for at least a month.

Thank you.


A traveler's hint:
when looking for an apartment, make sure you ask your Ukrainian friends to help you, because realtors/owners will certainly increase prices once they find out you are a foreigner.