Rental Agency Warning to Foreigners

I was working with also known as for a Long Term Furnished Flat in Kharkov. They also Rents Flats everywhere else in Ukraine supposedly. They wanted three months rent pre-pay as a Deposit but I refused and then required One Month Rent as Deposit. I sent this via Paypal for a Flat we had agreed upon located at Botanic Gardens. After they received Payment the address on the Agreement was different it was outside of the City on the other side. They also informed me First Month Rent was due on the 5th when I arrive and July's Rent would be due 15 Days later on the 20th!!! Plus NO Utilities would be included. I told them I wanted the Agreed upon Flat and they said the Monthly Rent there would be twice as much. So PLEASE BEWARE of this so called Agency!!

yes , better to use someone your know in such situation :)

Never rent flat online , you have to see it before agreement

Ok so I want to rent a apartment in Berdansk from about april 27 until may 10 or 11th  what do I do? I almost rented a place there from these people. I hear if you go through the local dating agency , that they also rip off foreigners !! Should I ask my lady friend ? Does anyone know of honest places that rent short term apartments in Ukraine !! It's like all I here that I better beware !! I will be roped off everywhere because I am a American !! This can't be the case everywhere is it??? Any ideas anyone??   Thanks.  Bill

If you work with an agency then demand an agreement with them or at least any document that shows what you pay for. Then insist on 50% deferred payment for their services. Plus you pay for an apartment only after receiving its photos and address. If possible better ask your local friends to find you an apartment.
I understand that these are not easy to do but just try.

In your particular case, if possible, and you want them to be punished, I would consult with Ukrainian lawyers re legal actions against this company. The consultation must be free. However I doubt you have any evidence of the agency's negligence.

Scubabill, I visited 25 country , some I stayed for several monthes and some 3 days, the best way is to stay 2 days in 3 stars hotel until you find flat and pay while you renting it
or if you know friend there, or at least go with taxi [ukraine is cheap] while you watch the flats in your arrival day and sure will get easy,  accomodation the villages in ukraine is very cheap there, I was in village near lugansk called staroblisk
in 2006 i stayed in hotel there it was very very cheap and nice