Working conditions and labour laws in Panama


Working conditions differ across the world, and as a working expat, it is important to know your rights as an employee.

Are working conditions standard in Panama? For instance, are working hours, paid time off, and sick leave different for expats v.s. locals? Do they differ based on the type of company (private, public, NGO)?

Are there laws in place regarding physical conditions of the office, employee protection, etc.?

What are some resources in Panama to inform people about labour laws and employee rights (websites, governmental associations)?

Have the general working conditions or labour laws changed in any way lately?

How do the working conditions and labour laws in Panama differ from your country of origin?

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About the working conditions in Panama

The work week in Panama is maximum 48 hours but usually most of the companies use 40 hours 8 hours per day, from 5AM to 8PM or 9AM to 6PM.from Monday to Fridays, If you work in during the night you will receive payment for 8 hours but only work 7.
There is a one month of vacation for every 11 months of work, usually you can divided. there are also 11 national or festives days, including many international as Christmas, New Year, Labour day etc.

every 4 months you will receive the XIII month who is a full month salary divided in 3, so you will receive and adicional 33.33% of your salary every 4 months.

I you work sunday you will receive 1.5 your regular daily salary  or 2.5 if you work on a national day.

Is a good place to work, if you know how to find the opportunities.
And also one of the most productive countries of Latin America.

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