What jobs exist for non-spanish speaking businessmen?

I have a desire to move to Panama City, Panama but at this point in time, I do not speak Spanish. I am willing to learn and look forward to speaking Spanish one day, but feel that my best way to learn is to immerse myself in the language and culture by moving there. 

Question: Where do I go to look for jobs that speaks English primarily?

My background: Accounting and Finance Undergrad, MBA, and international financial services firm 2 years.

I don't need to make the same amount that I am can make state side, but I would like a business job oppose to making $10/hr physical labor?

Any ideas where to start my employment search?

Thanks in advance!

Well, don't let anyone talk you out of moving anywhere, especially Panama. It would be an adventure.

Realistically though, Panamanian companies will not hire foreigners, whether they be more apt to do a better job or have an inside connection. The company can get a fine, and this country likes to hire their own citizens (its for the better in most perspectives)

Now, if you start your own business and hire locals, you will be smiled upon and the gov't will love you.

On the other hand, if you have friends down in Panama, maybe you should speak to them.

best in your search, and your travels.

Actually they will hire you, however you require a valid work permit and the company must maintain a 9/10 ratio. Which means 9 panamanians for 1 foreigner.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Pantelis,
My name is Julie,my husband and I are looking  into moving to Panama. My husband is a Electrician could you tell me where he would look for work and if they are in need of electricians.

Thank you
Julie Sanoy