The jobs that are the most in-demand for expats in Panama


We invite you to share some information regarding the job market for expats in Panama. This information will be incredibly helpful to anyone considering moving there, so we're very grateful for your contribution.

What are the types of jobs that are easily accessible to expats in Panama?

What are the ones most in-demand for expats?

Which industry and/or jobs have limited workforce?

Are there any existing surveys, data, or reports done regarding this topic?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


There are already many discussions on this topic, like this one … 17#3725892

Any experience that is not readily available from a Panamanian citizen. That answer is assuming one wants a “job” as in work for a company located or owned by a Panamanian owned company.

Good luck - that will be hard to find!

However, If you have skills that will let you either work from anywhere  or have skills that cannot be found by Panamanian citizens with a corporation/ business out of Panama then go for it! If your skills are in demand, then the company  should not have a problem getting a work visa for you.

That leads into my last subject. If you are the entrepreneurial type, come here and discover what is missing!  Then be prepared for bureaucracy that is most likely the same where you come from but worse because you never tried from your homeland or just may get frustrated with the run around!

It's easy to blame Panama for the last point, but really, trying to start a business anywhere is hard!

In conclusion, don't expect employment to be easy and make sure you understand the legal issues involved.

Most of the discussions I've seen have been about getting ‘proper' jobs. What about getting casual or seasonal work? Like working behind a bar, or as a waiter/waitress? Is that an option or possibly for an expat?