Dental Hygiene - jobs in Panama


My husband and I are considering relocating to Panama.  I am looking for any information you may have related to the Dental Hygiene profession. Specifically:

(1) - any board (equivalent) recertification to practice in Panama.   
(2) - any restrictions of this profession
(3) - salary range
(4) - Job outlook for Dental Hygiene in Panama city as well as Boquete or David.

Any info you have on this would be deeply appreciately.

Thank you.



I'm not specifically familiar with the dental area but in general these professions are kind of locked up for Panamanians.  At  any case, you'd never get a residency for a job like that and would have to get an investor visa (bring $ 300K).

After that, you'll need excellent Spanish skills to pass any local recertification and start your own practice unless you want to work for a $ 400 a month assistant salary..

Not sure about the job outlook but I would say there's room for growth in any service-related profession here.



I am a 59 year old dental hygienist from Virginia.

I just bought the International Living 2010 "Panama Owners manual."  I will try to read it in the next weeks.

I have considered relocating to Panama if I ever come up with a way to afford it.

I am happy here, but am considering options in case it becomes too difficult to live in the US due to politics, economics, or other factors.

I was raised a Navy brat, and am used to moving, but am old and tired from overwork, and am not sure I could make this move.  I would only consider it if I had some time to rest beforehand, had enough money to afford it, and was highly motivated die to negative changes here.

I think that if I moved to Panama, I would prefer to rent, live in the country near a small town, work part time in a small town or a nearby larger town.

I wonder if your mental excursions are the same?

It was cool to find another hygienist on this forum.

Lets exchange info on moving and working in Panama that we may stumble upon as our lives evolve.


Great info!

Delora.. I'm in almost exactly the same situation as you are - 59 this year and hoping to just go down there and have a quiet retirement. Thought part time might be nice for a few years... but getting my Spanish up to snuff would take years probably. However, whatever info you might come across would be appreciated!

Linda (In Canada)