Questions for people living in Panama City and near

My boyfriend and I are looking to move to Panama City, to work and make some investments.

I was a financial broker's assistant for 7 years, and my boyfriend has a building management company and is the general manager of one of the biggest night club in Montreal.
We both speak english and french. My boyfriend also speaks spanish and is fluent in greek.

Do you have any suggestion for us, work related? What are the big companies there? Would it be better to open our business?

I read everywhere that tourism is the number one investment in Panama. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you everyone!

Welcome on board Tiff31 ;)

I have lived here since Sept. and there is a definite need for tourism.  They are missing the boat here and there is a ton of opportunity especially if you advertise on the internet to draw customers. I'm thinking about starting a blog or website about living here and offering help to those thinking about moving.  I don't know Spanish and sometimes find it difficult.  I wish there was a resource somewhere to help with the simple questions.

Working in Panama is a difficult situation.  You will be working only with expats and the tourism realm since the 80 or so families that run the country have their doors closed to all foreigners except the few that make it into the social networks via fine art, interior design, etc.  When it comes to business dealing with money or finance...your services WILL NOT BE NEEDED OR USED by anyone who would normally need your services in a larger market where competition is the norm.  There is a need for tourism, but not unlike other services, they are being hindered by the people who run the show so their children and grandchildren will have businesses one day.  And why not.  They already own all the beachfront property.  Panama is hardly the paradise that's being advertised.  It is an uphill battle, and if going downstream is your goal, I advise you to rethink your goals.  Good luck.

Elias, I do not fully agree with you. Times are changing. I am a Panamanian who went to an american university and made friends with people from all over the world, specially the U.S. and Latin America. I graduated in 1999. Panamanians from my generation are more open minded and synergistic. If we see a good opportunity / good idea, we will try to make it work. Tiff, do not be afraid to become friends with the locals and talk about your ideas. Eventually you will find chemistry. The key is to get associated with the educated wealthier locals.