Remote jobs for nurses from USA or anywhere

I am currently looking to take an early retirement next year and relocate out of US.
I was looking at Mexico (Merida) but Panama has caught my interest.
Are there any nurses or similar professions who work remotely in healthcare fields in Panama?
Any comments welcome


You would have to work remotely. Nursing is a protected profession here, so only citizens can work as nurses. You would have to consider if the internet is reliable where you land. It's usually good in cities but if you are in a more remote, rural location it might be less reliable or more expensive.
Or you could just retire and enjoy life! According to your message to me, you have done your share and then some. Use this beautiful country to heal and replenish your energy.

What it is a Dual National who has a US based License?

@kristc99 what if it is a dual nat with a US based license?

Do you mean someone who is a citizen of both the US and Panama? With a US license you could work remotely with a US based job. I don't know what is required to work as a nurse in Panama.