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I am Rev. Dr. Majadi Baruti, currently i am living in Buffalo NY. My fiancée' and i are considering moving to Panama in the next couple of years.  I work now as a Climate Justice Organizer and wish to continue my work in Environmental and Climate Change/Justice. I would be willing to work in education as well. Elementary or College/University in History, Anthropology or any Social Studies curriculum.  Any information on work remotely or otherwise that i can do in Panama is welcome. We are looking at the towns of David, Boquete, Volcan and researching others.

Thank you all for the welcome.


Hello and welcome on board !

Please note that I have created this new thread from your post on the Panama forum so that members may guide you.

While waiting for responses, feel free to go through the Living in Panama guide for expats for all primary infos.

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Thank you so very much.


Panama is the house of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and is also the base of several environmental NGOs of the region like UNDP, Wetlands, and others.

David, Volcán, Boquete are good options for expats. Boquete is the one with bilingual businesses and a big expat community.

If you want to move closer to the beach, I'd recommend Isla Colón in the Atlantic or Pedasí in the Pacific. Both are suitable for expats and you'll adapt quickly as well.

The onyl recommendation I can give you, is that if you are coming to see how good it is, you should move around the country via charter flight instead of land.  Last October you might have seen the protests in the country against mining and the common protest manifestation is the blockade of a road.  So it's better to move around by air.