Moving from America to Switzerland

Hello everyone, I am looking to move from America to Switzerland and was hoping I could get some informaion about life in Switzerland as a foreigner.
I am looking to network with profsssionals or people who can assist in this big move.All information are welcome.
Hoping to hear from you all.
Thank U.

I'm of german origin, lived many years abroad myself (incl. 5 years USA/NJ) and have experience in Relocation  Consulting. However, not knowing which part of Switzerland you are willing to relocate to,
I like to inform you that I am versed mostly in the NW Areas of Switzerland,while  for other areas I could only provide general advice.

Let me know what you think and how I could assist you.


Thank You for ur response.Since I am new at this, I am open to any advice as to the best city in Switzerland for foreigners like me who can easily find a job.
I graduated from College in Virginia with a Bachelors degree in Business Management.I do not know anyone in Switzerland hence am  solely relying on the internet.
I am looking to move in some few months and will appreciate any assistance.

Hate to break it to you but unless you have a job offer already, the chances of you, as an American, getting a job here are slim to nonexistent.
I'm sure there are better websites that will help you but this one at least will get you started:
Bonne chance

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