Is it good or not to have Swiss boyfriend?

good evening.. soon to have a Swiss boyfriend is it good or not to have Swiss boyfriend?????????????? thaks for your rply.

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for me it is not good to have a Swiss boyfriend. My German fiancé might be offended if I did.

Hi! There, No they are very! boring and arrogant people.

maybe they are not arrogant, but maybe they do not become friend with everybody so fastly and maybe they do not like anglosaxon way of thinking and acting so much........:)

"Soon to have a Swiss boyfriend", which means either you're still on the hunt for a Swiss guy or on process of making a Swiss guy to be your boyfriend...

Not surprising... as I look on your profile... very typical...

Hello:) what else do you know about them? and what is the mean of "anglosaxon"?

I wouldn't judge them generally. Everywhere are good, bad, interesting and boring people...I think they are not arrogant but unsecure- it comes through like they would be...
Anyway- it depens on the person, not on the nationality.

It is good to have a Swiss boyfriend if you are drawn to a Swiss man to whom you want to have a relationship.  If he is not interested then it may be problematic.  The fact that he is Swiss should be irrelevant.  Save for his ability to draw the national flag.

Depends on the guy anyway ..its ur first time to date?

The good thing about Swiss boyfriends is their reluctance to take sides in an argument.

@beezee_me: I was tempted to view @marimoodybel profile after I read your comment 'very typical'. The only significant thing in her profile that might be related to this is she's from the Philippines. Dear, you are stereotyping and I hope you haven't been in any trouble because of this. According to Meriam-Webster online disctionary 'typical' is defined as normal for a person, thing, or group: average or usual; happening in the usual way. So far, only small percentage of Filipinos compared to the total number is married or is having an affair with Europeans. So it isn't really typical after all, now is it? 

And to all, I believe you shouldn't judge a person based on one's nationality or the country they came from because it's irrelevant. You can meet a very rude Swiss person which you may encounter in any parts of the globe too. If I fell in love with an entirely different person other than Swiss, I would do exactly the same thing I have done for my Swiss boyfriend. Moving into a place thousand miles away from your home means you would be giving up almost your whole life for this person so it requires exceptional love regardless the country or ethnicity. From my experience, mine don't normally take sides in an argument which is less trouble if you ask me. You can tell a good guy by how they value their family. Don't miss that single detail, this made me fall even more.

About good or not, everyone's opinion are different.
But me, i has Swiss boyfriend and everything is good. It's about you and thats guy, and you can choose it good or not for you

@ inez.marella > Thanks for your contribution, however this thread is old (2013) and is no longer relevant.

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