How's the living in Meyrin?

I was originally looking in Nyon, however if my work permit is only for the Geneve canton, I might not have many options.
My work will be in Meyrin.

What are the recommendations? Is Meyrin a good place to live? How is the traffic around this area? Housing?
I have no children so school is not a problem.
Safe, tranquil, close to public transportation, stores, hospital nearby and with some character or scenery is important.

Any comments about Meyrin or adjacent areas will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Meyrin is a satellite city of Geneva. You can have some information on the commune of Meyrin: (french only). It's , green, quiet but quite safe little gloomy. It's not a rich area, and there are many foreigner, usually poor many buildings of accomodation. But we are in Switzerland, it's nothing like the suburbs in France. it's also a big commune and not so very good transportation, compare to smaller commune. Of course, Meyrin-village is nicer, it's really depend where you live about.
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