Moving to Switzerland on a British passport


I am currently living in France, and not happy with the way things are going here..I am retired , want to stay in Western Europe, my children are working in Luxembourg and Belgium. I have visited Switzerland now for 45 years, both French speaking and German speaking Cantons , i like and admire the Swiss way of life.

I speak several languages, fluent in French, but also some Italian.

I am thinking of the Ticino, around Lake Maggiore as i had heard that the Ticino is cheaper than the French speaking Cantons, my pension by Swiss standards is modest, but would only move if I have a decent capital sum to bring with.

Also I like Italy so would appreciate being near to the border without actually living in the country.

Have you any experiences, suggestions to offer ?  First off is it very complicated now to move to Switzerland on a British passport ?


Hello and welcome on board !

Please note that I have created this new thread from your post on the Switzerland forum so that members can share some feedback with you.

Till members guide you, feel free to browse through the Embassy's website : … paris.html

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it is very difficult to move to switzerland in general. On what grounds are you planning to live in switzerland, how do plan to get long-term visa/ As I know after Brexit British passport holders do not have any advantages over third state countries and so you have to get visa which will allow you to stay for more then 90 days.

what is your -lan?

Get a French passport and use it for Europe. UK passport is good only for the homeland and British overseas territories.

Even Frage wisened up and got his children German passports.

A British passport is good for more than just homeland and British overseas territories.

Could you please qualify your post with relevant information.