Coping with loss in Switzerland

Hello everyone,

Managing or preparing for a death in Switzerland is a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of the laws and procedures in place in Switzerland.

This situation raises several questions:

What are the steps to take to retrieve the belongings of a deceased loved one in Switzerland?

What are the resources or specialised institutions available to assist in this process? What types of services can they offer in this context?

In the case of a will, how can one ensure that it is recognised and respected in Switzerland? What challenges arise from differences in legislation?

Who should be informed first of the death of a loved one in Switzerland? What are the most effective communication channels for notifying relatives and institutions?

What are the implications for dependent visas, such as those for spouses and children, when the visa holder passes away in Switzerland? What steps need to be taken to address this situation?

Please feel free to share any information you find useful and your experiences on this topic.

Thank you for your contribution.
The Team

@Cheryl For those whom it might help, there are various anglophone Churches who are able to offer support on a personal level and with the need to organize funeral/memorial services and the like. The Church of Scotland, the Church of England, Methodist Churches and various others are located across Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and others are easy to find and able to help.