Adapting to the pace of life in Switzerland

Hello everyone,

When you move to Switzerland, you may find that the pace of life is different from what you're used to. Shop opening times, working hours, sleep cycles and variations in sunlight can all have an effect on your life in Switzerland as an expat and require time to adapt. This transition can be a source of surprises, adjustments and sometimes even frustration for those trying to find their balance in this new environment.

Here are a few questions to help you better understand how you manage your days in Switzerland :

How have you managed to harmonise your own pace of life with the pace of life in Switzerland?

Have you felt a change in your biological rhythm (diet, sleep, energy, etc.)? How can you minimise the effects on your well-being and adapt to changes in your circadian rhythm?

How have you adjusted your sleeping habits to optimise your energy and concentration in a different environment?

Shopping, meal and activity times can differ from one culture to another. How do you manage to reconcile your personal habits with those of life in Switzerland? What are the benefits and challenges of these adjustments?

How do different working hours affect your productivity and quality of life? What have you done to maintain a work-life balance despite these changes?

Please feel free to share your experiences and advice on this topic.
Thank you for your contribution.

Cheryl Team