Mount titlis or Jungfrau which one is better?

Hello friends i am visiting Switzerland in September . I will stay there one week . From my searching i have decided places. But i am confused between these two . I can only visit only one . Please  suggest which is better and can save some time .

Jungfrau will start from Interlaken, Titlis will start from Engelberg - so when it comes to "saving some time", it will also depend on your other plans. Jungfrau is a unique rail experience up to about 10,000 feet. Titlis ab Engelberg is with cable cars; the last one is even rotating so that you can see the landscape from all sides.
Jungfrau is expensive (over CHF 200 return; 25% off with many rail passes; early morning ticket at CHF 145 return), Titlis is remarkably cheaper (CHF 89 return, 50% off with most rail passes).
Both are nice but very touristic. Jungfrau can be crowded with visitors from all over the world (Japan, India, China tend to be popular at the time). If the weather is not nice on your travel date, be aware that the views can be very limited and consider whether you find it worth the money.

Thankyou so much