Where to live in Switzerland?

Hi everyone. At the moment we live in Croatia and are planning to move to Switzerland next year.
We are a young family with two children. We do have some expat experience since we lived in Australia for 3 years.

We are owners of the private business(food production and beauty industry) and now we are considering to move to Switzerland or Germany.

Can someone please compare the life in Winterthur and Zug? Is it so expensive as everyone says?

P.S. Planning to relocate all of our business as well.

Hi Benx,
not having very specific knowledge about W or Z, I can only respond in more general terms.

Having just visited Croatia a few times, I can surely say, Cost of Living in Switzerland is much higher than in Croatia. As you mentioned Zug as a possible place to go, I am sure you are aware of the fact that Zug is her tax heaven in Switzerland, likely interesting for Companies.
Winterthur is near to Zuerich, and perhaps business-wise better than Zug. But again, I’m not an expert in either location.
I suggest, likely you have done this already, to study specific Weblinks on Cost of living, Business in CH, Locations and the like.
On the tax side, please note that CH has 3 types of taxes, Federal, Canton and Community. Federal is equal across country, Canton differs y each Canton and so does Community, being the highest, for this e.g. Schooling is free, however KITA very expensive, so is health insurance.
Wish this helped you at least a little bit. Should you specific issues, pls. let me know.


Thank you for your answer. I am aware of the taxes but compared to Croatia believe me it is nothing.
We are living with a standard so low but paying prices for food, electricity and other things higher than Germany or Switzerland :(

Business headquarters would definitely be in Zug but our shop could be in Zurich.
I still need more information about the health insurance for a young family. Can you recommend something?

Thank you once again for your help.


Hi Benx,
It’s surely a difference , just visiting or living in a country to know the Cost of Living we’ll enough.

Regarding health insurance, I suggest to view the Website “comparis.ch” it is in several languages and provides premium prices across CH. I’m sure you are aware that dental work is generally not incl. for Adults and very limited for kids.
CH has a great health system, however, at a price. There 2 types of health insurances, Compulsory needed by anyone domiciled in CH and add-on Insurance to cover all things which are not covered by the Compulsory one, this one is not compulsory and versus the Compulsory one needs medical check and acceptance by the provider, also cannot be changed annually.
At best you get in touch with providers you select from Comparis to get all the details.


Great, thank you so much for your help :)  :)

With pleasure. Best of luck to the entire family for your relocation project.


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