Moving to switzerland


im completely new about this...i have bunch of questions that i dont know where to start and i want to plan this carefuly...step by living here in the Florida, US for 14 yrs and i think i had enough living working in a company "Hoerbiger" is from Austria originaly so this company is worldwide...anywho i graduated 2010  Media Arts and Animation in Associates graphic designer, animator, architecture illustrator into machine operator...the reason i have to wait for 2-3yrs is because i have to pay my student loan and i want to pay off completely so im close to plan in the future is to move: live and work...these are the questions that i want to clear it out. In switzerland:

1) work with credit score?

2) background check?

3) does have netflix, hulu, amazon prime, peacock?

4) does have metropcs (t-mobile) similar?

5) theres jobs that covers cost of the living?

6) aprox. in average monthly how much cost for: food, rent, light, water, internet, car (insurance and car monthly), etc.? some that i cant remember

7) how the retirement works?

8) how transportation works?

9) does ask me about my social segurity for jobs or rent?

10) how can i become a switzerland citizen?

i think this is far that i can think of...if you mention anything that i didnt mention on my question list lol please help me out 😅🤣...i really appreciated...also can you send link of websites that i need to apply so i can safe the websites foe the future after im done paying my loans...i just want to clear everything before i leave...



Hello Chelzy,

Welcome on board !

Till members guide you, feel free to read the Living in Switzerland guide for expats for first hand infos.

For citizenship some criteria are that  you must have lived in Switzerland for at least 10 years, hold a valid residence permit, be proficient in one of the official languages as well .

All the best