Zimbabweans in Gottingen?

Hi there. I recently moved to Gottingen and I was wondering if there are any Zimbos in and around Gottingen.

Here you can search for forum members in Germany by nationality:
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@mhondera50 Welcome to this forum!

The thread you replied to was inactive for a few years, so you may not get replies here. But you are welcome to start another one of your own.


help me also to find a job there as a Nurse Aide

@mureracraig The user you are referring to, BaDarell, has not been seen on this forum forover four years. So you might not get a reply.

Furthermore, you won't find a job on a forum like this- just advice on how to search for a job on your own. You are welcome to read and follow what has already been discussed in other threads of this forum.

Fornurses, and nursing assistants, it is essential to understand and talk to their patients. Thus you need German B2 or better. What is your current level there?

Dear BaDarrel , there is a WhatsApp forum for Zimbabweans in Germany.I hope that would be the best place to meet fellow Zimbabweans