Job in New Zealand

hello there,

my name is ivica. I am from Iceland. And I just  want to know how easy or hard is to find job in New Zealand. I know I need visa. But still when you got visa you need start searsching for the job.

thank you


Hi Ivan,
A bit of research would be great to start. Based on your skills, find out what you could do the best for obtaining a job, followed by work visa.

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A good place to follow up as well is on the Immigration NZ website - job shortages list. Since you are from Iceland, you would probably find it easier to obtain a position here if you have the qualifications since NZ prefers a multicultural society. We work on a merit and quota basis. Other countries will be required to meet stricter standards as a result of a glut of poorly qualified migrants and lax vetting processes used by our previous governments.

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