Family Reunion Visa and looking for a job before arriving

Hi, I plan to move to Germany in two months. My wife is a German citizen so I'm entitled to a Family reunion visa which would allow me to work. I'm going to apply for the visa after I arrive to Germany.
I want to start looking for a job before I arrive to Germany and I'm facing this dilemma:
One option is to state that I'm authorized to work in the EU - this would probably increase my chances of finding a job, but the problem is that it might take me couple of months to actually get my visa after I arrive to Germany.
The second option is to state that I require a visa aponsership and then I could start working right away after I arrive.
What is better?

You are right, getting the residence permit and then work permit will probably take several months (during which you cannot work).
On the other hand, getting a work permit on your own merit is difficult (the employer has to show that you are not taking a job that an EU citizen could do) and many employers shun the extra risk and effort to sponsor such a visa.
If I were you, I would wait for the family reunion work permit and utilize that time to improve my German - your job chances very much depend on it - and only apply for jobs after that.
Your idea that you can find a job from abroad, get a work permit and start work within two months is anyway unrealistic - a typical German company takes that long from application to decision whether to hire you or not.

A third option, and the best, would be to tell the truth. Explain your situation and qualifications. If the potential employer has real interest, they might say that they are interested in hiring you once you have your visa situation settled. Since they cannot know if or when this happens then they will probably not make a binding job offer. But one can surely find out if there is interest and any hope of working for that particular employer. The two options you suggested sound doubtful. To start off saying you have a visa when you don’t actually have it is nonsense. This might actually mean losing the trust of someone you might have gotten work from once you do get the visa. And like Beppi mentioned, the paper work and difficulties involved with hiring a non-EU citizen that doesn’t already have a work visa is complicated and difficult. Best to use the time until your visa is granted to improve your German and look in the internet to see what potential jobs are available in your field.

Thanks. It was never my intent to lie. I registered at site for hi-tech job seekers and there they gave me only 3 and I had to choose one. Of course I'll explain my situation on my resume and Cover letter. Thanks.

I have never heard of and they are certainly not one of the bigger and better job portals.
Try Stepstone instead - that's where the action is!
Or send unsolicited applications to suitable employers. This is quite common in Germany and shows that you have motivation and initiative and did your own research, which is very valued here.

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