Exit visa for family

My Iqama is going to expire on 24 May 2018. I am planning to send my family on exit visa.

My question is. Can I keep my family for 60 days here after issuing exit visa. Will my Iqama be renewed if I keep them with me . My company says in order to renew my iqama  I have to send them back  before expiry of my iqama

Pls advice

In order to renew your IQAMA your family needs to go for final exit as it will still show on the system that they are still active here in KSA.

Thanks brother but family has to go on final exit before my iqama renewal right??

If you have received a satisfactory response just ignore mine. When you do an final exit you have 60 days before your dependent leaves. So you can do right away and to avoid extra money as levy. You will have to pay up two months levy from the date of Exit visa to cover those two months if your dependent stays here. Let me know if this is not clear or you need anymore info.

Yes, you have the same case with my friend and his company said, he has to send his family on final exit first and once they are out of the KSA they can renew his IQAMA. However, In general there is a 60 days validity to stay in KSA, but it  might be crucial due to the renewing of IQAMA and your dependent/s are still in Kingdom, it may take the charges for the levy... it might or may not happen, but better to be sure...

Ok thanks one more qn. If suppose I am leaving KSA in an exit visa and my iqama is going to be expired by 24 May 2018, still I can stay for 60 days after my exit visa and expired iqama.??

"YES" if you want to stay here in ksa after receiving final exit visa, you can stay but should leave within 60 days.

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