Family reunification visa to Belgium

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My question will be about the family reunification visa to Belgium. My story started in summer 2015 when I was married with the Georgian man (but he has unlimited Belgian residence) in Prague. Then I made a multi tourist visa through Holland and came to Belgium. In local commune I was said that I could stay in the country unless our marriage would been recognised by the Belgian authorities. During next 10 months we had 2 interviews in order to prove our (not fake) marriage. Finally, our Czech marriage was recognised by the Belgian authorities. But at the same time my family reunification process in Belgium was rejected due to the fact that by that time my tourist visa had been expired and I was advised to come back to my home country and apply for this type of visa. I was also given the paper to leave the country within 30 days. We hired a lawyer. We were waiting for the decision from the court for 5 months. The decision was again negative. So my visa was expired for almost 1 year. I left the country with the expired visa without any sanctions and fine.

I have applied for family reunification visa on the 20th of July 2017. I am waiting for 9,5 months. All the documents are ok except the expired visa. Could it be the reason to rejection?

P.S The Embassy asked me by phone about the reasons of staying illegal in Belgium. The reasons were 2 interviews and waiting for the decision from the court.

It is never a good idea to try to register / regularize a marriage while being on tourist visa (because the process takes time and visa expires by then and it complicates things a lot). Anyway, now its too late :( 

As you have a clear explanation of your overstay (waiting decision from court and authorities), I don't think that could be a reason for rejection. I assume you made your cover letter explaining this and also your file has supporting documentation to prove this.

9.5 months is a bit too long considering the current processing times. I think the reason is that they may be verifying with all the departments involved in the whole previous processing of your case here.

Actually, I did not submit the cover letter with explanation about the expired visa. The Embassy said to me not to submit.

After the registration of my dossier on the website of Dofi, I have sent the email to them with the explanation of the whole situation.

So what do you think?

ok. if DOFi is made aware officially via email, then that is as good as explaining in a cover letter.

Thank you so much!  :)

Hello, I think I have same problem as you. Did you family reunification visa approve now?
When you sent the email to dofi, are they asking you about your situation or you just sent email to explaining to them?
Thank you

Yes, I received visa after 9,5 months after applying at the embassy. I just sent email to Dofi with the explanation why the previous visa was expired.

Thank you for replying.
For my case I just applied on 14 May 2018 but just registration on immigration on 24 July 2018 with status “ in behandelding”. I guess I just need to wait now.

May I know the email address where you sent your explanation? Because my embassy only give me “ [email protected]” to ask about my visa.

Thank you

Yes it is the same email which I have used )

Hello , can someone please help me.
I applied for  a reunion visa D with my husband who is a belgian citizen. I applied on 29th august 2018 and yesterday on 11 sep 2018 i recieved a letter from vfs that my visa has been dispatched.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing , really worried and tensed as i have not got the courier yet.

It is a very good thing. You will get the passport soon.

Thank u aneeshks ,
My husband was of the opinion that my document had to be sent to belgium following which i would get a visa. As i had read here in the expat forum that reunion visa takes time i was a little nervous when i recieved a msg from vfs.
I hope my visa is approved ??? Is it possible to get a visa so soon aneeshks ????
My husband dosnt believe it either

When you check your application reference number in VFs website, what is the status it shows.

And about file being sent to Belgium, it is consulates discretion. If consulate can make a decision without have to check with the foreign ministry here, they won't send the file here. It all depends. Let us hope for the best !

When i track my application it says that it is already dispatched. I spoke to my courier guy and he told me that it will take another 3 days more for them to deliver the courier.
This waiting part is the hardest since i know the decision has already been made.
The only problem i have is i wasnt called for an interview nor was it sent to belgium or else i could have tracked it in the dofi website .

My intuition says your visa is granted :) Let us wait !

I feel the same way , thank you for your help aneeskhs 🙏🏼

,hello everyone,  I am an iraqi 27 years old girl , I came to Belgium by Schengen visa 7 months ago and applied for in the commune for family reunification on the charge of my father who is Belgian, I recently received the decision which was refusal without the order to leave Belgium,
The cause of refusal was that I didnt prove my financial status in my county  and that doesnt prove  my dependence  on  my father accordingly , i think they mean i have to bring a document saying that I wasnt working in Iraq and i am fully dependent on my father ..
my question is should i make an appeal? Or raapplication is better ?
Is there something like an urgeny appeal by a lawyer?
Thank you in advance

The best is in my opinion to do a fresh aplication. But considering the complexity of this case, it may also be good to consult a lawyer. To prove you don't have financial means in your home country may be difficult than proving you have :(

Like you said, a document from your local government stating you werent employed and you are totally dependent on your father.

Thank you so much for replying.. this forum is extremely helpful... regarding my case Actually i can provide a document which proves that i wasn't employed in Iraq, but i am hesitated to reapply  again and not to appeal  because someone told me that they are always going to find a different reason to refuse everytime , just to make things harder for the applicants.. is that really true ?
Have you seen someone who reapplied with a better prepared file  and got an approval?

Hello Everyone, and thank you in advance for the help

I am Jordanian, and my wife is Belgian. We are planing to move to Belgium. The question would be as a Jordanian can I enter Belgium on a Schengen visa, and then contact the commune to apply for the residency, or I have to apply for it from Jordan.

Thanks once again, Regards

I am from nepal and i am leaving in belgium from 6 years and i have f+ card now.i married in  cyprus on 2011 with belgium nationality and i came to belgium in 2012. And i divorced her in 2015.
I married again with nepalese girl in 2016 and i register our married in gemeente in before 1 year and after 1 year they give me negative because they took interview from both and they told that we gave few different answer and thats the reasons of negative because they took my interview in nederland and my nederland was not good. I appeal against via lawyer in the court.
I also applied my family visa before 8 month and i still have 1 visa is still in behandeling. Can you help me what i have to my visa will be ok. Can i win my case in the court

your case is very complicated  & the government think its a scam married so immigrants office will not give you a visa for sure. you need to prove in a court that its not a scam married & for a way to prove is having a child.

How long it takes in the court. I am going to show the film our marriage in the court also. How is the chance to get positive from court.
It takes 9 month to make the child and my i appeal in the court before 1 week.
Can you tell me which strong document i have to show in the court to make the case strong.

Hello i applied for family reunification with my husband work permit together in november 2022 and in dec 16 it said processing now how much time it will take for me to get the visa??? From

pk to


@Azqa Afzal Sometimes 5 to 6 months

@Azqa Afzal If your husband is already in Belgium and working, It may take 2.5 - 3 months.

@Azqa Afzal

family reunion with non-EU may take max 9 months! If you are lucky than it could be 50% shorter than that otherwise reaching the deadline is not unusual.

@ARMaliq yes his visa got approved after a week

we applied but for me

amd my son they send it to the belgium


@Azqa Afzal I'm also still waiting and my timeline is the same as yours. I believe we should start getting some sort of feedback by end of February! Stay positive!

@Madelein Botes

i believe they should give a response in the start of February but lets hope for the best

@aneesh hello  dear , I am planning to apply for my family reunification visa. I am a British citizen and I thinking of using my visa C to apply in Belgium town hall. Please what would you advice.

@Madelein Botes

hello Madelein what did you do submit your documents please and what kind document did you submit

@Divina243 Hi, I did submit my documents via TLS in Johannesburg. Documents for each reunification seems to be different but from what I know is the following is a must

Proof of regular income

Lease contract or proof of accommodation

Police clearance - Apostle

Birth Certificate - Apostle

Marriage Certificate - Apostle

Proof of insurance (medical)

Visa on web application

4 Passport pictures

Flight tickets

Hope this helps!

@Azqa Afzal, My family also applied for visa from isb on Oct 18, still we are also waiting. By the way have you checked your status from ibz?

@Usman Mughal16 yes i did nothng changed it shows processing what about yours

Yes checking the results but the result is in process.

@Madelein Botes hello please. I want to submit my application for a family reunification visa on Tuesday. I am missing a document (copy of divorce judgment) lying around. can I file and complete shortly. Because my appointment is this Tuesday.

@Madelein Botes hello please. I want to submit my application for a family reunification visa on Tuesday. I am missing a document (copy of divorce judgment) lying around. can I file and complete shortly. Because my appointment is this Tuesday.
-@Anne tsob

It is possible to already file and provide the additional file at a later moment (ideally asap). If you apply from abroad, you can provide the additional document to the embassy, if you apply from Belgium, you can give it to the ''gemeente''.

Hello all any update on visa D approval for family reunification of November and December 2022??

I know someone who's application got rejected on 7 February, they applied 11 November, so it appears that they are already working on November files. I think they got rejected because they didn't meet the requirement of a regular, stable income.

My wife also applied 11 November from same embassy, we are still waiting. Approved files may also take longer than rejected files as multiple people (extra review rounds) need to approve a file.