Want to learn driving


I am indian and holding of indian driving license. I will convert my indian license to drive in malaysia.

Thats not my problem now.
My company plan to provide me a car and i will be in malaysia(KL) on 6th of april. But I dont know how to drive😲. I learn but, dont drive car after got my license in 2011.

I want to learn now. I dont want license since i had already.

Please guide where can i learn or someone can teach me?

Hi Mohideen.

In advance, Welcome to Malaysia.
Driving in Malaysia is far easier than in India.
Here are automatic transmission cars, traffic is similar to India but well organised,
people follow rules while driving. 

As you mentioned, No need to apply for License if you have Valid Indian DL,
only you need to get it attested at Indian Embassy.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Also let me know more about you.


Piyush Rana

Thank you piyush,

Please guide me, where can i learn driving?
I need to know the malaysian dricing rules also.

This is a list of driving schools in the Johor area. I think the lessons are about rm50-70 per hour. You could book a few lessons asking the instructor to give you exposure and awareness to local driving habits and best use of the road system http://www.jpj.my/driving_schools/Johor … chools.htm

Thanks you gravitas.