Long term social visit pass for spouse


I am a Malaysia citizen and my husband is from India. We are both working in Singapore and not living in Malaysia, but will go back once in every few months.

We are looking for information online to get him the long term social visit pass to travel to Malaysia without much hassle (he has to apply for visa everytime he come to Malaysia), but were overwhelm with all the different information.

Does anyone know
1. Will my husband be eligible for the long term social visit pass if we are both not in Malaysia?
2. Are there any other options we can consider, if we can’t get the LTSVP?

Can anyone point me to the correct (and official) sites where i can get the necessary information?

Thanks a lot!

I think you will need to be based in Malaysia to apply for the LTSVP.

I suggest you join the FB Group - Foreign Spouses Support Group (Malaysia) as it has every piece of information possible and an opportunity to ask specialized questions like  yours to other members and get real experiences.


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