Moving to KL from India

Hi Everyone,

I am relocating to KL from India in Apr'18. 

Would appreciate the members to share information on finding accommodation ,CBSE school information and car lease or 2nd hand car purchase.

Also, pl share average cost for above in KL near CBSE school.

Hi Friends,

My office would be located near Purta World Trade Centre and Planning to admit my child in GIIS Brickfields;
Need advise on finding accommodation ( 2 BHK flat/Condo- with average rental) in some suitable location having proximity to both locations.

2-bed units are not common and they usually command a premium price.

The usual configuration is 3-bed. Here is a property site with some examples at PWTC … al/?q=PWTC

This can be compared with living in Brickfields/Sentral here: … rickfields

The LRT rail connects the two locations so either would be convenient. Both are popular with Indian expats.

@Gravitas, thanks for the prompt response; really helpful.
Can you pl share similar link for car lease or purchase of 2nd hand cars

City Motors -
Expat Car Guys -
Mudah -
Car List -

You probably wont want or need a car to drive around KL City area (traffic jams are terrible)

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