Denied Exit Visa

I'm looking for some advice regarding my uncles situation. He traveled to SA from Pakistan on a legal work visa but upon arrival there was presented with a different job to the one specified. He has been trying to return home for almost three months now but the employers are denying him an exit visa. He keeps being given hearing dates , which his employers do not attend. I assumed once his 3 month visa expired he would be automatically given an exit visa and sent home but his next hearing date is outside of his visa period. Can anyone please advise on what we can do?

I recommend getting in contact with the labor office. If all fails then let his visa expire so they will be forced to give him exit. Things take ages here. The easier they look, the longer they take to fix it,

Thanks for your reply.

That's the thing, his visa has already expired almost a month ago. Is it possible for them to extend his visa without his consent? If they are forced to give him an exit visa how long would that take (after the visa is expired I mean?)

I assume you mean the Labour office in Saudi Arabia? I was planning on visiting the embassy here in London tomorrow to get information, do you think that would be of any use?

As'sallam Alaikum
only Labor office can help Call 19911 (and choose Urdu Language ) .
and also try to contact Embassy in Riyadh (welfare community) they defiantly help.
btw you can't do anything through embassy coz kingdom law & regulations. can you please let me know which city they are right now?

Contact the labor office and consular section of your embassy. No one can predict how long this will take as myself have suffered through these things. The main point is keep pushing and not believing what they say. You confirm everything from your side.

He's in a small town called Minkhal, near the border of Yeman. It's somewhere high in the mountains.

He just went to his hearing again and his employers still hadn't come and they've been given another date. They're not even being given a translator. It's such a complete vialation of human rights.

My view is that they're trying to give them no other choice than to work. How can they keep them there illegally? This is slavery, is there no law at all there?

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