Filipinos living in Toulouse?

I don't usually do this, but i'm interested in meeting fellow Filipinos who live in Toulouse. Maybe ask for some information like how to find a job there, etc. Thank you for your responses :)

Hi! I'm from the Philippines too! I am studying and working as an au pair here in toulouse!

Was it hard applying as an au pair there? How many years have you been living there? 😊

I’ve processed my papers and apply as an au pair when I was still in the Philippines. I met my host family online and just took a risk with them, anyway the french embassy is cross checking details anyway to make sure both parties are clear and safe. They asked tons of requirements tho specially the DIRECTE (it’s like the Department of Labor, they will be need to approve your work contract first before you can proceed do visa) I’ve been here in Toulouse since January this year and extended my contract with my host family for another year. We could meet up one time if you wish too.

Are you here already in Toulouse? Are you here for studies?

Hi! Are you a Filipino? :)

Yes I am not so in toulouse exact but im near I'm living now in couffoleux. 30 mins drive to toulouse. May I know if where were you? I always go to toulouse 😊

Hi! Where in tolousse? Can i have your. Number? From where are you in the philippines?

Hi! I’m not in Toulouse anymore, I just recently moved here in the south of Netherlands

Hello .what are the things you submitted for your au pair visa? And how long did it take? Thank you so much

Hello I’m here in Toulouse and I’m a filipina

Can I have your number? Maybe we can meet sometime

Hello do you know any Filipinos living in Toulouse?

Hello I’m in Toulouse im a Filipino 😊

Hello I’m a Filipino currently living in Toulouse maybe we can meet up sometime?

Hi van , there are alot of filipina  in toulouse,  . you can check the amitie franco philippine en midi pyrenees association on fb, there u can meet filipinas

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