Bringing my uk car to spain

Hi there I’ve just bought a house in Quesada and am moving permanent from the uk. I’m considering buying a car here in the uk and registering it in Spanish. Does anyone no if it’s difficult driving a right hand drive car around in Spain. ?? Or shall I just buy a lhd car in Spain ? Thanks Micky

High Micky and welcome to the forum.

Spain is roundabout mad. So unless you have a rubber neck for a UK RHD car you will need loads of diclofenac for your neck.


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Yeh I get the message there


I have driven LHD and RHD cars in UK and  various countries in Europe including Spain.  For me I did not find any great problems.   But importing a car to Spain involves taxes, fees. Certificates etc.

Generally speaking people I know who have done it do not recommend it.

Thanks John for your post. I think I will just buy a Spanish car when I get there

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