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Will be moving to Spain towards the end of the year down to the Costa Del Sol.

I just wanted to check on the process buying a second hand car over there.
I have looked on the Spanish Ebay site but there are not many cars there so i guess there are some issues around buying and selling second hand cars in Spain.

Thanks in advance for any advise

hi there well yes there are problems with buying second hand cars,unlike the U,K,there seems to be few car dealers and when if you want a specified  make even more,i have been trying nowfor several months to buy a convertable but everyone seems to be millions of miles away to view so now given up searching .then even when you find one ,you have to go thru a gestoria and traffico to get legal possession.takes time and can be done just have patience and a little spare cash,eddie

caldron well you can bring down a uk reg but be prepared to change it .the guardia are getting wise now and several people i know  have had their cars taken from them and heavily fined as well,you can drive it for a period of time though ,but i dont know for how long.and changing reg to spanish again can be costly  eddie

Yeah I was thinknig about bringing a car over to start with and officially importing it.. but then I read that was quite a lot of work as well. I was hopnig it would be easier to just buy a spanish car but sounds like thats just as much work LOL..

I exported my Audi TT last August by sending off tha appropriate part on my V60 log book and retained the rest as proof to Spanish authorities that I own it and that it WAS UK registered... I have it locked away in Spain and hope to re reg it very soon at a cost of €1,000 I have been told ....
Seems second hand bikes and cars here are very very expensive if you can find any??

I guess I will take a UK car down to start with, I can keep one there for 6 months I think. If all goes well I can either import it or take it back to the UK and fly back to Spain.

thats a good idea .you can even sell it over here to people who are returning glad to have been of help eddie

Second hand motors are surprisingly expensive but, once you're in the loop the car you buy will hold its value too.

There are lots of sites, search milanuncios or segundomano.

Its true too that registering a UK motor is relatively expensive. Its six months before you need to get it done though which gives you time. Sorting appropriate insurance can be a bit of a pain though. In the end though and provided tou don't mind the wheel on the wrong side it's a cheap option overall.

Just one thing. Whatever you do make sure that you do it right. Spain is a long way from the UK and things happen differently here. Do not buy a car from someone in a bar without taking the seller to a local gestor to get the paperwork sorted.

I like the "do it right" - there are still people here where i live driving English cars -and they have been here a fair view years !!!

yes there are here too but recently  the guardia has got tougher and they have been stopping them and confiscating the vehicle and fining quite heavily ,

Hi, have you checked ''''? also lots of cars on '''' but mostly in Spanish, but you can use translate google.

Thanks for the info and site links.

Can anybody tell me how long it takes to register a UK car to Spanish?? I exported my Audi TT When I moved over with my Spanish partner last August and locked it away in a garage while I went trucking in Canada! Now I'm back and need to get it registered in Spain.. DVLA told me no problem as I still have my log book even though it has been officially exported....

hi werll it took me two months or more and a lot of paperwork

If you are re registering a UK car try Katie Rawlins website is Breaking Spain, she speaks fluent Spanish,  knows her way around the process and is cheap by comparison. Also will provide a quote for doing it

Buying a second-hand car is quite easy in my opinion. As a website I would start with if you want something cheap.

If you want something quite good then try Lease plan.
We bought 3-year-old Golf with about 30,000k for a good price...and they take care of all the paperwork. The sell the Lease cars after a few years, but they completely fix them up and test them before sale. Very honest and good prices. No haggling and most cars sell quick.

Paperwork can be done with a "cita previa" in DGT...but it is worth paying a gestor 50 euros to take care of everything.


If you have tourist status, the car has to be registered in Spain within 6 months. However, if your status is Resident with an NIE you only get 45 days to arrange the transfer. They are checking your arrival date and demand proof such as ferry tickets etc. to verify.


Hi it's better if you can buy of an English person l found, they will have an Gestoria normally in place and be able to point you in the right direction, as it happens l am going back to the UK in the next couple of months after 20 year's, just waiting for my hip replacement and l will be selling my Ford focus C.Max which l have owned for a few year's and keep it serviced regularly for not a lot of money, l live in Torre del Mar about 40 mins from Malaga Airport, l am not on Facebook but have WhatsApp *** my name is Keith, hope this gets through to you?

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buying a spanish car is very easy, dont worry.  just need ID and money…


check ***

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