Sports and fitness in Sevilla

Updated 2023-07-16 09:37

When you come to a new city like Seville, getting involved in organised sports, finding gyms and watching live-action events may seem like a daunting task. So, we have put together a little guide of where you can pursue your sporting hobbies, keep fit, and thrill to the skills and talents of professional teams.

Sports to watch in Seville

In Seville, football is not just a sport but a passion that runs deep in the veins of the city. The capital of Andalusia boasts two rival football clubsSeville Football Club and Real Betis, both playing in the top division of Spanish football, La Liga. Ticket prices vary according to several factors, such as where your seat is located, the importance of the opposing side, and when the match is played. Expect to pay at least 100 euros for a standard seat for games against other leading teams, such as Real Madrid.

Basketball is another major spectator sport in Seville. The main team is Real Betis Baloncesto S.A.D., and they play their home games at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo. Ticket prices can start from around 60 euros.

Sports to play in Seville

From swinging a nine-iron on an immaculately kept golf course to powering through the water in a canoe, expats living in Seville can take advantage of a wide variety of sporting facilities. They include:


With a favorable year-round climate and a handful of courses in and around the city, Seville is a great place for golf lovers. Courses include Real Club Sevilla Golf and Club Zaudin Golf.


Cycling is a favorite pastime in Seville, and there are miles of cycling tracks around the city and alongside the Guadalquivir River.

Water sports 

Head down to the river for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and more. Water sports clubs in Seville include:

Club Piragüismo Triana

Kayak Sevilla


Swimming pools are widely available throughout the city and include the Centro Deportivo Hispano Aviación in Triana, the Piscina Municipal de Montequinto in Montequinto, and the Piscina Municipal Tomares in Tomares.

Equestrian sports

Travel through forests and fields of the picturesque countryside surrounding Seville with a horseback riding tour. You can saddle up for hours of fun-filled equestrian adventures with a variety of companies such as the Riding School Espigares and Epona Spain – Equestrian Centre.


Keen tennis players have many options with indoor and outdoor public and private tennis courts in neighborhoods across the city. Padel tennis is also popular in Seville. The court is smaller than a traditional tennis court and is surrounded by walls that can be used during play, like in squash. Among the places you can play in the Andalusian capital are at the Real Club Pineda de Seville.

Gyms and sports centers in Seville

Being a health-conscious city, there are plenty of gym options for you to choose from when you want a serious workout. Prices vary from gym to gym, but on average, you should expect to pay between 30 euros to 50 euros per month. Among the many temples of fitness to choose from are:

Gym 21
Cuesta Sport
Cartuja Sport

The city also boasts several sports centers and large complexes with indoor and outdoor facilities that cater for many sports, such as swimming, badminton, volleyball, rugby, aerobics, climbing, and more. They include:

Centro Deportivo Hytasa
Centro Deportivo San Pablo

 Good to know:

For more information about sporting facilities and sporting events in Seville, check out the official website of the Institute of Municipal Sports

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