Sports in Spain
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Sports are very popular in Spain, just like in most European countries. Football has been the Spanish population's favourite sport for years, but many other sports - such as tennis, basketball, biking, golf and swimming - are also very widespread. If you intend to settle there, you can not only attend sports competitions but also practice your favourite sports. Spain has a developed sports infrastructure consisting of modern stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, golf courses and basketball courts, etc. Moreover, all matches and competitions are broadcast on TV.

Spain regularly takes part in major world sports events such as the FIFA World Cup, the summer Olympics, the Davis Cup, and many others. Hence, Spain is known aS one of the world's biggest sporting nations.


Football is almost a lifestyle in Spain. Spanish are very enthusiastic about football, whether at the stadium or watching on TV. Victory is often celebrated with huge parades and a drink. The Spanish Liga is known to be one of the world's best football leagues, consisting of two divisions: the Primera and Segunda involving fifty professional teams. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Deportivo de la Coruna and Valencia CF are the most popular Spanish football teams.

Spanish football teams also take part in the Copa de Rey, the UEFA Cup (which involves the best European teams), as well as the FIFA World Cup.


Basketball Has proven to be as popular as football in Spain recently. In fact, the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto hosts the country's most prestigious basketball teams with the best players. The association is managed by the International Basketball Federation and has some twenty professional teams which compete in the Basketball League, Copa del Rey de Baloncesto, and in the FIBA World Championship which is held every four years.


Spain also has excellent professional tennis players, including the famous Rafael Nadal, the second Spaniard to have won at Wimbledon. Tennis is especially present in the Spanish capital city, due to the country's most important tennis tournament; the Madrid Masters.

Furthermore, paddle, pelota vasca, squash and table tennis are also quite widespread.


Spain also has an ideal climate for golf. You can find wide and lush green golf courses as well as sea-view golf courses in some regions, with modern infrastructure and equipment to accommodate the country's many golf professionals. You can register at a golf club if you are a keen golfer.

Sports for thrill-seekers

You can also enjoy various thrilling sports such as rafting, mountaineering, skiing, hang gliding, sledging, paragliding, karting, quad-biking, etc. You can practice water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing and jet skiing in the country's coastal regions.

Water sports

Spain is also the ideal place for water sports such as kitesurf, canoe-kayak, scuba diving, as well as surf and windsurfing. You will definitely not get bored thanks to its pleasant climate along with beautiful, breathtaking coastlines. 

The Spanish tradition of bull-fighting

Once you have settled in Spain, you should definitely not miss the corrida which is a traditional and cultural Spanish sport, usually held from March to October, especially in Andalusia. The corrida implies a professional torero and a bull. A traditional corrida competition is divided into three parts whereby three toreros start fighting a bull at the sound of the trumpet. The competition ends when the torero kills the bull with a sword blow at a specific location. However, this tradition is increasingly being criticized by many advocates of animal protection.

Car racing

Car racing is one of the Spanish's most favourite sports, thanks to the Formula 1 race track in Barcelons. You can follow the Grand Premio de España in Catalonia, as well as the Formula 3 in Madrid and Valencia.

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