Moving to BCN

HI All

Im moving to BCN in two weeks time and im not sure what to expect, ive read various articles etc but nothing can prepare you for a new life experience! Any hint or tips!? I would also be interested in joing some sort of sporting club my intrests are, athletics, football, rugby, rollerblading and of course being british drinking beer, can anybody advise on these? Last but not least I am a controls engineer specialising in BMS and HVAC systems b ut i would like to get into fire and security does anybody have any advice with the aid of me finding work though i am happy to try almost any other job but my preference is something within an engineering field.

How is your Spanish or Catalan?  That will make a difference with the work...

Too short, sorry.   

There are a million places to drink beer, not a problem there, and quite a few British and Irish bars.  Do you have a place to stay yet?

Hang onto your wallet, pick pockets are beyond a joke.

Sports groups...there are lots, but it isn't something I know so much about, try the internet, and expats you meet.

Yeah i have a place to stay, its just by clot metro station. unfortunately im yet unable to speak spanish but i will be sighning up to an intensive spanish course, so fingers crossed i start to pick up the lingo!

Spanish is fairly easy to pick up at a rudimentarly level, like any language trickier to master....if you want to learn it fast, join a sports team with the locals not with

The Barcelona Metropolitan is a good source for contacts for sport and many other useful things:

Good luck!

Thank you i will be looking into both pieces of information