Help a fellow expat with an insider’s recommendation


My name is Pavel Ciobanu, I am the founder & CEO of - probably the only marketplace for getaways offered by locals all over the world.
By getaway offered by local we mean a local activity together with a place to stay.

We're expanding in Spain, Portugal and Italy, ardently looking for amazing getaways that travellers in the area should know about.
So, can you help a fellow expat out?
Where did you or your family last go on a memorable getaway in Spain, Portugal and Italy or nearby countries?

We are looking for locals who offer travelers not just a place to stay, but also support a traveller's tour, give a crash course on a craft, a lesson, or any other activity (i.e. offer their bike, give guidance on unbeaten paths, take professional photos of the travellers).
Major cities are great if you know of an authentic experience there, but it is often the hidden gems that make for great, personal stories.

Thanks so much,

Hello Pavel Ciobanu;
Yes, very interesting your message. Well, I must tell you about myself. I live here in Las Palmas after I came back from UK. My family live in USA.
If I find some of interest for you, likewise Hotels, Apartments, or some kind or resorts I will write back to you.