Talented performers coming to Spain: need suggestions/help

Some dear friends of mine are about to head out to do a tour of Europe with poetry & music; excellent group of folks including Ron Whitehead (see also: .tappingmyownphone.com) and Sarah Elizabeth Burkey (.myspace.com/barefootsongbird). They are starting and finishing in Spain. I was wondering if you might have connections to any performance venues in Spain....coffee shops/bookstore/whathaveyou...to help them arrange a small gig...(Plus, they are interesting folks...you might enjoy a visit?)...

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Hello JinnBugg and welcome to Expat.com!

I hope that other members will soon give some tips to you soon.

You should also post an advert in the Spain classifieds > community section/ Artists, musicians.

I hope it helps,

Thank you, Harmonie. I did so and appreciate your help with this forum (I *am* new). Jinn