Developing your social circle in Seville

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Updated 2021-08-11 15:24

For many people, building a new circle of friends is one of the most daunting aspects of being an expat. Missing the company of your old mates and work colleagues back in your home country is a normal part of the expat experience. It is hard not to feel a little lost when you're out of your comfort zone in a new place without the support you are used to. However, with a little effort, you can quickly and easily build up a brand new social network in Seville and make lifelong friends. Here are a few top suggestions about how to do it.

Socialise with work colleagues

This isn't going to apply if you are retired or are a freelancer working online, but if you have a place of work you will find it's a wonderful starting point when building a network of friends. Socialising with colleagues after work is the norm in Seville, and if you're lucky, you will forge strong friendships with some of your co-workers.

Join a hobby class in Seville

Do you want to start a new hobby or learn new things about your current one? Hobby classes are a great way to find new friends because they bring people together who share similar interests. Thanks to the internet, finding hobby groups and classes is easy in Seville as many groups post details of their events and meetups online. Just open your browser and perform a general search for "local classes in Seville" or look for ones catering to your specific interests.

Get involved with local organisations in Seville

Arguably, there is no better way than getting yourself known by the locals than by joining volunteer and community groups. Find volunteer organisations that will let you help others. Not only will you be doing some good, but you will be meeting lots of new people in the process. Search for volunteers on the website of the Platform for Social Volunteers which has links to groups in a variety of sectors across the city.

Search for expat groups in Seville

Facebook is a great resource for finding new friends and connecting with others in Seville. There is a solid expat contingent in the Andalusian capital and a handful of Facebook groups that offer plenty of advice, support, and possibly new friends. They include Expats in Seville, Expats Sevilla, and TEFL Teachers in Seville.

Another useful resource for reaching out to people in your new city is Meetup. You can search for different groups in Seville covering interests such as film, food and drink, dance, photography, pets, book clubs, and more.

Sign up for language exchanges and language classes in Seville

As an English speaker in Seville, you will be in demand. Many Sevillians are learning the language and would love to practise with a native English person but usually have little chance to do so. As you want to learn or improve your Spanish, language exchanges or intercambios del idioma are a win-win situation all round. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends. Find a language partner at Conversation Exchange and My Language Exchange and look for adverts in local papers and online.

Also, sign up for language classes, which comes with several benefits. Learning the language makes it easier to communicate, and you will meet other expats in the same boat as you so you can start growing your social group.

Try online dating in Seville

In the early days of the internet, online dating was seen a little weird, but these days many couples first meet online. If you are single in Seville, look for a new partner on dating websites such as Meetic and

Join a sports club in Seville

There's a very good reason adult sports clubs are popular. Not only do they help you to stay and get in shape, but they are also excellent places to make new friends. Check out our article about sports clubs and sports centres in Seville for more information.

Be proactive

As long as you are willing to make an effort and put yourself out there, it won't be too long before you have a fantastic new circle of friends.

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