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I am a non resident of Spain but spend several months a year here.
I am trying to log in to the Agencia Tributaria and it accepts my NIE but asks for a Support Number as well.
I have never had a NIE card but have a certificate for my NIE, which I obtained in 2005. There is no number on my certificate. Please can you tell me how I can find it.

An NIE is an white A4 page .  It is ONLY your fiscal ID number, nothing more.

The ‘card’ you refer to is probably ones EU citizens registration certificate.  It’s a green credit card sized piece of paper.

Or if not an EU national a plasticised card with photo and finger print

I would advise you to find a Gestoria , i am European citizen and speak perfect spanish and  even though  I had a nightmare to deal with all my docs /  I have one specific  gestoria to take care of all my taxes and she also have access with my digital firma is a lot of burocracy and you get nuts .

Also for the residence documents I made myself and would NOT advise anyone to do it by themselves  , the best is find again a Gestoria but in this case they need to be specific for / EXTRANGERIA/  and they can deal with all  / easier , and  worthy the time you spend to get impossible citas and headache with the treatment you get .

If you don't have it already it might be because you need the Digital Certificate. I couldn't log into any government websites until I had that installed on my computer.

If you have/get a gestor or asesor and they do anything for you on any of the government websites they will need the Certificate installed on their computer (it can only go on one at a time), or will have to remote into yours.

If you have any ID card, either resident or not, there must be a number on the top right of the card about 8 digit and one alphabet at the beginning of numbers. My card is permanent resident card and i am not sure what ID card you have. If you only have a piece of paper then you are not assigned that support number because you are non resident.

I am trying to pay a speeding fine. I went through a radar trap in February 2020. I returned to the U.K. 10 days after the offence  which would only have cot €50 euros if I had paid it in 14 days. However I was not notified before I returned home. I did not return to Spain for 19 months due to Covid restrictions and found a letter in my mailbox dated October 2020! It has become a nightmare trying to pay the fine which I knew nothing about.

Mistake you made was, you should have simply visited the community of Madrid or any other city you used to live in your area to pay that amount, also on line. Now you came back after pandemic, unfortunately it is pending fines and interest over that amount and your bank account will be garnished as soon as you are back and have Spanish bank account. There is no escape with this. so you need to go to the community of Madrid to see what can be done before the whole thing gets out of control. … -in-spain/

Hey there!

If you have the NIE from 2005, then I guess it's the green A4 sheet of paper? I've since traded mine in for the smaller green card, and more recently the TIE.

However, from what I can remember, the old A4 style NIE has the support number in the top-right corner of the page (it could be any other corner, but for some reason I remember it as there). It should be 6-7 digits I think (mine is 7), with no letters or anything like that.

When you go on the Agencia Tributaria website, and it asks for the support number, I think it needs to be 8 digits long in total, so you have to add the letter "C" at the start and then as many "0"'s as you need after the C to make a total of 8 numbers. As an example:

Your Support number is: 1234567
To get the Agencia Tributaria website to accept it, you need to enter: C01234567 in order for it to be 8 numbers in total.

I hope that makes sense, it's a bit fiddly.
Cheers, James

The support number is on the back of the old Green NIE card. You could try visiting your local National Police office and see if they can  match your NIE number and Support number from their files.
If you are on the Padron then it might be easier to go for the TIE.

I don’t think that I have a support number because I am anon-resident.

I never had a green card. My NIE is on a white sheet of A4 paper.

1. After Brexit, you can spend 90 days in 180 in Spain visa-free. To spend longer, you will need your residence permit.

2. Because of the Withdrawal Agreement, you may be able to say that you have acquired residence rights in Spain (if you got your NIE to buy a property back in 2005). So you might want to consider applying for your residence permit, they are still accepting applications from British Citizens. It's not necessary, but gives you extra flexibility for longer stays.

3. They have help info to tell you where to find your "support number". Unfortunately, this would be on your TIE or your registration certificate. I don't think it's on your white NIE certificate.

4. However, I don't think this is the site to pay traffic fines. I found some helpful info (which includes the website for paying fines) here: … -in-spain/

5. I'd imagine if you went in person, you could explain the situation re: Covid and not seeing the fine for 19 months. However, it's probably not worth the aggravation, unless the fine has increased every month and now stands at a whopping 1,000 euros. :-)

Thanks for the information Gwynj - I tried to pay the fine twice, with no success, even with a teller in La CAIXA Bank. The fine had been transferred to the Agencia Tributaria hence the problem with support number! I have asked several people who have also never has a plastic card.

Hi, this issue with the support number threw me at first as well the first time I needed it.  If you have an A4 certificate from 2005 then you its probably the same style that I had too and the suport number should be a number in the top right corner, thats where mine was.

His Blanco is a temp registration for non EU to enable purchases and transaction during 3 -6 month. It does not have a support number. You have get a sita at tributaries to sort this out.
See!/-blo … nie-verde/
Nie support umbers … lido.shtml

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