Canadian citizen applying for Spanish citizenship dual

Since Spain does not allow dual citizenship from Canada can one still technically keep their Canadian citizenship? At the citizenship application one must swear and denounce their previous citizenship. However even though one formally denounces their Canadian citizenship during the application process would one assume that there would be no record in Canada of such a denunciation?

Am I correct on this assumption that one can still keep their Canadian citizenship while denouncing it during the Spanish citizenship process?
Different countries have different requirements for proving that you've renounced. I believe that you have to go to the Canadian consulate and file papers renouncing citizenship and then bring those with you when you swear in.

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@eesworthy hi, from what I understood was that during the Spanish citizenship one simply renounces their present citizenship. Are you sure one would have to first go through the process of renouncing their with the Canadian government and then bring a record to the Spanish consulate?

Apparently to renounce your citizenship in Canada there are fees and a lot of paperwork to fill out.
I don't have any reference to the official requirement, but I have read that one has 3 years in which to renounce their other citizenship. Which makes sense.  
1) If you were attempting to obtain Spanish citizenship, renounced your Canadian citizenship before hand, then there was a glitch:  You would be stateless.
2) Depending on country, renouncing citizenship is not a one day procedure, it can take some time.  During that time your citizenship status is in a gray area. 

Other's have commented, here and elsewhere, that it is a legal requirement that many people ignore.  It would appear that it's not something that Spain applies a lot of compliance to.  

"However":  if you are wanting to obtain Spanish citizenship, but do NOT want to renounce your Canadian citizenship:  Maybe your should rethink why it is that you are wanting Spanish citizenship.

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It does no matter if you renounce at your Canadian Citizen ship it does not take your citizen ship from you. My sons are from Us and were in the same situation and I called the Embassy, they said it didn't matter only your own country can take your citizenship, and I am not sure about that.

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You should call the embassy and tell them, it may be different from other countries
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