Acquiring Spanish Citizenship (Canadian citizen)

Hi everyone. My name is Amine, I'm 28 year old and I've been living in various countries in Europe since 2016. My partner is Spanish and I obtained my Spanish residency through civil union. After 5 years spent on the continent I really don't see myself living anywhere outside Europe and I am therefore in the process of acquiring Spanish citizenship, ultimately to be able to live and work where I please in the EU. I am well aware that Canada and Spain do not have a dual citizenship treaty but I've seen several people (mostly from the USA) aquiring Spanish citizenship and retaining their original citizenship because Spain doesn't verify that applicants have indeed relinquished their original nationality.

My question has to do mostly with the logistics of have a citizenship combination that is technically prohibited in Spain. As is the case with American citizens, Canadians don't lose their citizenship unless they apply for citizenship renunciation directly at Immigration and Citizenship Canada. A Canadian citizen swearing they're renouncing their citizenship is a Spanish 'Registro civil' is not enough for Canada to stop considering the applicant as a Canadian citizen.

This leave people like me in a kind of legal limbo with one main question:

When / if I visit relative and friends in Canada, would it be possible for me to use my Canadian passport? I'm aware that Spanish border agents will notice that exit and entry stamps don't add up in my Spanish passport and will most likely ask to see my second passport. Would I be in trouble if I enter Spain with both passports?

What if I enter the Schengen through another country e.g. Portugal or France? Will there be any way for Spain to see that I've been using my Canadian passport?

If you have any experience with this I'd love to hear your opinion on this

Thanks a lot


I have triple citizenship. When you pass the border in Spain with a Spanish or EU passport you just put it in the scanner, so nobody will ask any questions about it.
Even if you go to Canada you could use any of the passports, the difference is that if you enter as an EU citizen you will need to comply with the length of the stay as any other visitor.
If you enter another Schengen country, then you could use your DNI to travel around.

Good luck!


Hi Amine,

I’m moving back to Spain after living in the US most of my life. I paid a well rated lawyer in Granada, and he said I will lose any other citizenships I’ve gained. The new law unfortunately changed for Spaniards who are from Origin, and I’m not sure if this will apply to you too, so I would do some research. This only applies to anyone new getting a Spaniard citizenship.

Hi Javier,

Which citizenship do you hold? Judging by your profile I'm guessing you hold Argentinian, Israeli and Spanish citizenship (totally guessing here). Have you ever come back from Israel to Spain using both passport and had no problem? I just really don't want my dual citizenship to become a problem in the future

Hi! Could you give me some details on that new law you're talking about? I'm interested

Yes, you have well guessed. I've exited with my Spanish passport from Spain and enter Israel with my Israeli passport.
At the airport there is no manual control of passports for EU citizens, you just scan yours, the scan will do the same with your face.
No stamps, no guards.
It's like the army, don't ask, don't tell.

Have a nice day!

Thanks so much!

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