Spanish toilets (may contain offensive observations)

* If easily offended please do not read the following *

This has been an issue for my 10 years in Spain.
I must say to begin-with that I love Spain but there persist some inexplicable practices.
I am a man of 90 kilograms.
Since the start of my life in Spain, when living in rented accommodation, I observed two things about my Spanish toilet (bathroom):
1: it often smells of fetid water.
2: the W/C (inódoro) is designed so that it retains the faeces. Unlike in my native UK, where the poo drops straight into the water, in Spain it drops onto the 'shoulder' of the porcelain and stays there despite multiple flushes.
I thought that this was just old-style Franco-era plumbing but no! We have built a new house and the same smells and toilet design have been installed.
I have been told re: 1) that the smell is because of the very hot weather, and there may be some truth in this but these smells persist even now (October) when the weather is more temperate. My Japanese wife wonders whether Spanish plumbing does not include a "trap" for the fetid air?
re: 2) I often have to flush 4 times and use a toilet brush to clean my W/C every time I pass a motion, then sometimes I have to clean the toilet brush as well (but where?).

Does anyone have an answer to these?

I think it's to do with the design of the waste pipe at the back of the toilet. The U bend doesn't have the same design as, for instance, UK toilets, so it's a less effective seal. Also, as I understand it, the waste is channelled into an arqueta, a sort of open sink buried under the floor, this is why Spanish toilets block up more easily with paper and, because it's an open system, they smell more than closed systems.

I always think it's slightly amusing when you go to some really nice modern building but it still stinks of sewage.

hangoverocks, I weigh 66 kilos but am equally challenged about shooting straight into the water..
Therefore, the way the toilets are designed would suggest the following:
1. The British, and North Americans I might add, want to be rid of it pronto without trace
2. The Europeans on the other hand, like to see it stick around for a while (pun intended)

Hahahe, yes !
I also wondered whether the Spanish had some sort of medical tradition where they would be able to examine their stools very directly for diagnostic purposes.
Also convenient for drug "mules" I guess...
But I think Culebronchris has his finger on it (above)!

Aha ! Is that what the 15cm round aluminium plate is for on all Spanish bathroom floors (to access the arqueta) ?
Thanks for your reply Culebronchris - makes more sense than any other I've heard.

Deleted,  as explained on 21st Oct

Thanks John,
You must have better plumbing than me, I´m in a brand new house, and we have bathrooms smells often -
and I think Culebronchris backs me up "I always think it's slightly amusing when you go to some really nice modern building but it still stinks of sewage."
I am in Andalucia and you may be more northerly because I´m sure the temperature has an effect.

Useful info about the metal plate in the floor, thank you.

Do you have any thoughts on the design of the Spanish inódoro ?

john, the complexity of it all is perplexing.  Elsewhere, the design of toilets and drain system are a thing of beauty. Simple, efficient and clean. They have been getting the job done for ages without adding to the mess while effectively blocking offensive odors from the pipes. The Spain version has added much complication to beget waste stains on the toilet bowl and seepage of sewer gas from the drain system into our homes and offices. This begs the question - Why? Who wants it and for what reason? Am I missing something? In the absence of clear purpose and benefit, these backward steps in the design of the toilet and the drain system are an affront and a disservice to the public.

21st oct. 2019.    I have deleted my post

I had a suspicion the question was intended as a wind up but gave the poster the benefit of the doubt.   

With his latest post he has confirmed my suspicion. 

Hence the deletion

Johncar, ¡ that´s brilliant ! ("If you put some toilet paper on the ´landing zone shoulder` it will then probably flush clean. ").
Thank you !

The said toilet 🚽 is a European design. Can be found in many countries. I have both designs and have no problem with smells.

Turning 180 degrees to sit facing the wall aligns everything perfectly; leaving the shelf in the toilet bowl untouched. The method of “laying of toilet paper on the shelf” was abandoned because I wanted a solution that did not cause additional environmental damage, but performed consistently without being cumbersome. I am happy to report that after a 2-week trial, the “reverse-sit” solution meets all these criteria and the toilet bowl, including the shelf, remains completely unsoiled. Yaaayy!
Adapting to a new country is one thing, but isn’t it a stretch having to make adjustments for a defective toilet bowl design when non-Europeans, including those in many developing countries, can get on with their day without blemish? After all, this is not rocket science!
I want to thank hangoverocks for triggering my search for a solution.

Thank you nowretired, I´m going to try that after I have rearranged my bathroom furniture to allow legs to face 180º.
On the negative side it´s going to make reading the newspaper a bit difficult !

I wholly agree about additional environmental damage, also I am loathe to ramp-up the cistern to "full"; we have enough of a water shortage already and, in my case at least, the cistern is designed to save water (short flush option).
On this same subject I would be interested if anyone has a DIY solution to "grey water harvesting" ? I seem to waste so much water, it´s throwing money down the drain.

I've sent your post to a friend of mine who has been living in Spain for many years. here is his response!

"Well, I suggest Perplexed Simon stops eating.

This course of action will, A), Reduce his enormous weight, and, B), Eventually stop him from having to do doo-doos.

A third alternative would be for him to start up a (presumably successful) business importing British toilets into Spain and selling them on to Foreign Residents with Clean Bottoms.

This also might help out in the New Britain !"

sounds like a s**t idea to me...

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