English speaking people in Galicia, Spain

Hi all; would like to hear from people who speak english currently living in Galicia, particularly any australians based there. Cheers.

G'day... No I'm not australian but I live in galicia. I'm a bit late responding to this post. Maybe you were planning a trip or something? Anyway, if you need local knowledge then drop me a line. Tim

hola! im not also an australian but i live near in galicia hope to meet new friends that speak in english. drop me a message and hope to meet english friends.

Hi and welcome on Expat.com travelerinpink :)

I hope you will make many contacts on the forum soon ;)


Hello Arman, as of now I havenŽt meet nor contacts for english friends here hopefully anytime soon:)

I'm in Galicia Vigo...looking for friends....:)

Any english native speakers around Vigo-GALICIA?
Looking for friends ,

Look forward to meeting anyone who has read my registration details.
Hope something will come of this.

Simon and Jackie::D

I come from UK and live in south of Galicia for the last 16 years.

Hi, thank you for answering.

Do you work here in Galicia or have you retired - 16 years is a reasonable time to become a native.
We have only ben here in Meis since last September but having bought our home, we love the area and all the surroundings of the Rias Baixas.

It would be good to hear from you again and may be we could meet up sometime.


Simon & Jackie

Not retired, I have a small business but - as you will have noticed - the economy is getting glummer, so I am thinking of moving on. But I have to admit, it is one of the best places to live and my wife and children were all born here so it is going to be a tough decision.
We live in Nigrán, on the coast just past Vigo.

Where is the best place in Galicia for English speakers with very little Spanish? I am planning on learning Spanish of course but for starters I would like to be able to find an apartment etc. using English.

Hello I have just joined would love English/Spanish friends to talk to in Galicia.I am currently learning the Spanish language .so please be patient !!

Hello I am half Spanish and half English just moved to Vigo to look after my grandmother would like to meet with English people to meet for coffee :) and chat :)

Next month I am moving to Vigo to live with a Spanish family as an au pair.  I currently have very little Spanish knowledge and would love to know other people in the area :)

Hello, I am currently living in Galicia and would love to get to know some english speakers. Hit me up!

Just started a teaching contract in Vigo , hoping to meet some Native. If you would like to talk don't hesitate to contact me!



Hi All,
My name is Mark Bellamy, I am traveling up to Galicia next week with a 12 cu mtr van full of belongings and returning to Andalucia empty. anyone wanting anything taking south please contact me ***
waiting in anticipation

Hi all, I am also currently living in Galicia close to Santiago since my girlfriend is from this region. Because we recently moved from Portugal to here we didn't succeed in finding work yet. Now my girlfriend has an opportunity to get a fixed in Vigo, so if all goes well we are thinking of moving there on short term. I have also been searching in Vigo and surroundings, but haven't found something that could fulfill my requierements as I speak only medium level Spanish. I have followed a forest management study, but have experience in all sorts of other work. Besides English and some Spanish, I am a native Dutch and am quite good at German. So, if anyone has any job suggestions in Galicia (Santiago, Pontevedra, Vigo) or would just like to socialise with a fellow English speaker living in Galicia just let me know! Cheerio, Bart

Hi there

I'm not Australian, but i do speak English.

Whereabouts in Galicia ?


Hi there,

I'm not Australian either but I live with one...lol..... My partner is from Brisbane. We are living in A Coruna.  He is bilingual too so Spanish  is not a problem but we don't have many expats living in the area where we live.

Let me know if you have any questions about Galicia. My dad is from Sanxenxo in Pontevedra and my mum from A Coruna so I know pretty well. ;)


Hi! I live in Cangas,  next to Vigo and Im looking for a job.  Started to learn Spanish but not even close to speaking with confident. Also looking for friends to meet up with.

Hi| Lisss. I used to live in Vigo and Know cangas well. By the way my name is Jackie and I am living in o Mosteiro Meis amongst he Albarino wine groves . To make a few bob I give private english classes to kids and charge 10 euros an hour. Try putting an add in your local cafe etc and I am quite sure you will have a result, the Galician people like native english teachers as there are few here, hope that helps. Maybe we could meet up in the future. By the way you don't have to have a diploma in teaching english.

Jackie, Simon is my Husband.

hi,i'm looking into teaching English too-good to hear no diploma needed, i have experience and i'm also a Salsa teacher hoping to teach beginners classes/lessons to tourists, do you think Galicia is a good area for me? i speak Spanish quite well..thanks,

Hi - years later, but I am Australian living (at least part time) in Galicia. My partner who is Canadian and I have had a property near Monforte de Lemos for nearly 10 years. The rest of the time we live in London. Janey

Hi there, just wanted to drop you a note. I am planning to move to Galicia this week and have no idea how life will be there. Are there english speaking doctors and dentists here ? The area i will move to is a town called Cee.  I am currently trying to learn Spanish now but im at the beginning of that journey. Do you have any knowledge of local special needs schools in Galicia? Sorry for all the questions but i just joined this site and once im there i hope to meet other english people. Thanks so much for you time and hope you can reply.


Your questions about special needs schools has to be  answered by the local council.
Details on this website.
The doctor may or may not Speak English you will be assigned one under the health  system if you are covered for public health  service. If not ask your insurance cover where you can go.
There are a lot of dental clinics everywhere It will be for you to find one that speaks some English. Dentist work is not covered by the local health system.
Do not expect everyone to speak YOUR  language,especially  older  generations and my experiences is that  because of the way the Spanish learn English they can be a bit shy in using it.
The Galicians,over all, are very friendly.
So hopefully  you are like minded and things will be just perfect.

I am new in this site i live in Ourense and would love to meet other british people

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Hi I live near Monforte and would love to make contact with British people in the area as I'm feeling really isolated

Hi guys!

Just moved to Vigo - I have quite a lot of experience here in Galicia - if people are feeling lonely - I don't like that - am happy to meet up for coffee and a chat - I speak enough Castellano to make a simple conversation and a little Galician too.. I'm filling out my papers now - so ask me for help afterwards! I see Lissss above lives in Cangas which is basically near where I will be working so, if you need english conversation I'm here - am just a kind person - have made lots of friends and also have a few dates lined up! - so am just here to help where i can ;)

Hi Leanne,

Are you still in Cee? We live in Muxia about 20 mins away from Cee. My husband (Matthew) is British and although I am spanish (and born in Galicia) I speak Spanish with an English accent! 🙄

Drop me a line If you are still in the area.

Rosa 😁

Hi all,

I'm English (and Irish) and am heading for Chantada at the end of the month. I'll be there at least two months while I search for a property - I'm emigrating as soon as possible. I had a first look in May-June and I'm pretty sure it's where I want to live.

I'll have lots of questions I guess once I start to get engaged in the process and as my Spanish is primitive finding English speakers who've been around a while would be a bonus.


Hi Pete. I live near Chantada. If you have any questions I'd be happy t try to answer them. :)

@spangal - thanks, that's good to hear.  I'm sure there'll be lots to ask when I'm over and active. I guess one thing that will certainly be important is finding a competent and reliable local gestor, so if you have any experience please share :)


...come to think of it the first essential is to find a good car hire place. Good means cheap, and I just need basic transport.


I am a U.S. retiree moving to La Coruna. I can not find any English speaking Gestors. I will hire someone to act like a Gestor who will translate for me when I open a bank account and apply for my NIE.

Hi everyone, I know an unofficial gestor called Maria. She's from Galicia and speaks good English as well as Spanish and Gallego of course; and she knows her way around the system. She has helped us with a few things like buying a car, which was quite complicated! If you'd like to get in touch her email address is ***

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Thanks, Jon

Hi all,

I'm intending to visit Pontevedra this weekend, as I've got a property to see on Monday. So if anyone would like to meet up let me know. Also I'd be grateful for a pointer to a decent and affordable B&B somewhere near.