I hesitate between Valencia and Malaga

Hola todos

Am a Canadian retiree and am planning to move to Spain.  I hesitate between Valencia and Malaga and would like to have the opinion of other retirees who are living in either city.  Muchas gracias!!


Hello D,

Both cities are offering different things and there are too many deciding factors like how you envision your daily activities as a retiree to be and the budget you'd have to sustain a comfortable life. I found this article about Valencia's properties for sale being preferred over Barcelona by property investors which I assume would boost the prices in the short term. Therefore, maybe you can choose to buy something in Valencia and settle there so that you would still profit if you decide to sell and move to Malaga a couple years down the line.

we are contemplating to spend there 3 months out of a year October through January, every year, not sure Malaga? Seville? and wondering about rental places, cost of living, things to do, i have to have a gym, my husband golf, can anyone living there share their experience with us please?

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