Does anyone know where I can find a passport photo booth in la linea? Not in gib because I can't get in.

Hi, it may be too far for you but there's one in Carrefour Estepona and I am sure other major stores may have them. Good Luck

Thanks 😀

Just on the photo booths. The Spanish "passport" photo is much smaller than the one rquired for a UK passport.

The photo booth machines are usually in shopping centres and near offices where people need photos - like oficinas de extranjeros.

It's almost as cheap to go to a photographer. They are all over the place. They all do ID photos and if you need a different size-

I just Googled it and got this

Nika Esfran Fotografos
C/ Maestro Muñoz Molleda, 2 · 856 12 19 98
Abierto hasta la(s) 13:30

Foto Luz Fotografos
Estudio de fotografía
Calle Andalucía, 1 · 956 17 45 78
Abierto hasta la(s) 14:30

Jose Carlos Sabán Fotografía
Ninguna reseña · Fotógrafo
Calle del Sol, 59 · 956 17 27 46
Abierto hasta la(s) 13:30

The conditions for UK pp photo is a very restrictive.  I would go to a Spanish photographer where they do DNI pics, They will almost certainly know what is required.  If in doubt down load the specifications from the PP application page on line and take it with you.

Hi, thanks so much for the info. I was dropping friends at Malaga airport today and called into carreforre in estepona on the way back. Now have my passport photos. The pickpocket in Lisbon got everything, phone, passport, bank cards, driving license but only 20 euros! Passport app can now be done. Thanks again 😀

Thanks 😀

Thanks, v useful to know about the size differences 😀

Thanks v much 😀